The Finale Of ‘The Bachelorette’ Really Was The Most Emotional One Yet

At the start of the Bachelorette finale episode, Chris Harrison tell us this year’s Bachelorette Finale is “one of the most emotional finales yet.” I think we all thought, Yeah, okay, I’ve heard that one before, Chris. For once, however, he was… kind of right?

Becca admits that she loves both men, and though her family approves of her decision not to tell them she loves them yet (a la Arie Luyendyk) Jr), but they’re also a little boggled by how much their impact is actually going to affect her decision.

Garrett starts to cry whilst speaking to Becca’s sister, Emily! It’s officially real, and actually quite sweet, to be honest. Her sister then tells Becca that Garrett cried and then Becca starts crying too, like a game of crying telephone.

When it’s Blake’s turn to meet Becca’s family, it’s interesting to compare how Garrett spends a lot of time talking about how he wants to keep Becca safe, whereas Blake emphasizes her strength and the two of them being a team. Both are sweet sentiments, but one is what Becca has repeatedly stated she’s looking for throughout the season, that she wants a teammate. But then Blake face falls about ten thousand feet when Becca’s mom keeps asking him if he’ll be okay if he’s not picked…. Poor guy.

They also mention that Becca should be with a man who “feels the same passion for the issues [she] feels for.” Which, if you’ve been keeping up with the Instagram scandal, is a bit yikes. (If you aren’t familiar with that drama, I’ll get to that in a bit).

Then it’s time for Garrett’s one-on-one date where we see actual banter and real conversation between the two. Becca makes fun of Garrett for snoring, as a normal couple would. It was cute, and I verrrrry slowly felt myself putting a foot on the Garrett and Becca ship. He tells Becca she gives him eagles in his stomach, not butterflies.. and all I have to say is I’ve been watching this show for too long, because this makes sense to me.

Next, it’s Blake’s date, during which I question whether or not Becca is capable of riding a bike as she almost swerves into the wall about a billion times. Blake states, “there’s no way she changed her feelings over night,” which I took to be a heavy dose of foreshadowing for what’s to come. Blake builds her a time capsule (but not the box) and it’s super cute and I’m pretty sure he’s perfect. For me.

Instagram scandals aside, which I know is hard to do, Becca has two guys who really seem genuinely into her. And then comes time for the decision… Which tore a lot of people up.

Blake steps off the boat and I’m pretty sure the hearts of everyone watching fell. I don’t know how Chris Harrison keeps it together when he tells Blake to go meet Becca.  It was so hard to watch someone as genuine and vulnerable as Blake get his heart crushed. I actually shed some tears watching this go down, and that’s not something to be taken lightly! When he told her he loved her that one last time, I lost it.

We then cut to Blake who is now live in-studio chatting with Chris Harrison and Becca. He is so well-composed and he and Becca have the most mature and respectful post-breakup conversation I’ve ever heard.

Finally, it’s time for the proposal! It’s all quite cute, with Garrett looking panicked when Becca cuts him off mid-speech and then elated when she tells him she loves him. After they get engaged, they gush about when they can get a Costco card. Honestly, they might be pretty perfect for each other.

In the post-interview, Becca says she realizes she loved Garrett while eating a quesadilla in the airport. Becca, we all fall in love when we eat quesadillas, it’s got nothing to do with Garrett. And instead of getting quesadillas to celebrate, Chris Harrison announces they’re getting a trip to Thailand as well as…. a minivan!

But about that Instagram scandal… Honestly, I wasn’t sure if they were going to go there and thus risk ruining the happy vibe, but I’m glad they did. I’m still not into Garrett’s explanation of “mindless likes,” as one does not “mindlessly” like hateful things, but I am happy that he and Becca have seemed to work through it and she may be changing his perspective for the better.

And that brings us to the end of this season of the Bachelorette. But the Bachelor-world drama isn’t over yet with tonight’s premiere of Bachelor in Paradise!


So trade your rose for margaritas, and get settled for what looks to be a wild season! Until then, give your heart a break Bachelor Nation!

Featured image via Becca Kufrin


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