Don’t Make Me Hangry: 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Instagram Your Food

Picture this: I have been thinking about this restaurant all day.

I already know what I want. My friend, of course, is half an hour late, doesn’t know what she wants, and is in no rush to decide. The food finally arrives, and my mouth is watering. I am ready to inhale my food in about two minutes, but my hand is slapped away from the plate. What?! My friend uses this as an opportunity to photograph all of the food from four different angles and post it to Instagram. The hangry girl inside me is boiling, and my top is about to explode.

While I do occasionally tend to look at some pictures of food on Instagram for some inspiration, I can’t imagine being the one to take all of those pictures. It must be exhausting, and quite frankly, not a fun job at all. There is scrumptious flavor after flavor directly in front of me, but I am forced to sit there and watch my friends take pictures of it first!

Here are 3 things I don’t understand about people who Instagram their food.

1. You’re not a blogger.

I sympathize with those who run food or nutrition blogs and post about what they eat. This could really be important for their viewers because it could show them how easy meal preparation can be. What I don’t get is my friends who love to use what they are eating, wearing and doing to brag about their so called “social live.”

Sure, I indulge in selfies from time to time, but holding a 20-minute photoshoot of the sushi I am about to devour is not quite what I am thinking about. As soon as I see the waiter coming down the aisle with what looks like my food, my mouth waters, my hands tingle, and I am ready to dive in.

2. You are simply competing with someone else.

The reason you are documenting every minute of your life is because you want to compete with “Sally,” who has 100 more followers than you do. She has always had more attention than you. You are both aware of your frenemy situation, so you use passive-aggressive moves, such as Instagram likes to measure your superiority.

Maybe, instead of competing, you are trying to gain your crush’s attention. No crush of yours is going to be that much more interested in your now that he or she has seen your food photography skills. Just ask your crush out on a date to eat with you!

3. What do you do with the pictures that don’t make Instagram?

I understand taking a picture with an old friend or in that new outfit you bought, but what are you going to do with all those pictures of food in your photo library? Almost every time I go out with one of my friends, she takes tons of pictures. This makes me wonder if her photo library is almost always full of food pictures. Not only would seeing the food pictures i hungry all the time, but I would also never be able to take new photos unless I deleted some old ones!

This is not a hate article for those who do snapshot all of your food; it is just a reminder that you should make memories with the friends sitting in front of you, rather than trying to document every minute of it. When you are old, you’ll want to be able to sit on your porch together and laugh about “the time when” instead of the food pictures you took.

Featured Photo via Pexels.


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