Why You Can’t Help But Secretly Love Rainy Days

I’ve lived in one place for my whole life, and not a single summer comes and goes without a slew of rainstorms. I live for these days of torrential downpour, when whatever you’re doing automatically takes on a mystical quality when it’s paired with a rain-misted horizon and chilled air. There’s nothing quite like sitting inside on a rainy day, wearing your coziest socks and listening to the downpour while sipping some tea. Ask any introvert, and they’ll gladly tell you that rainy days are their favourite. But, why do so many people resonate with this particular weather phenomenon?

Rain is otherworldly. When it’s raining, our world is transformed into something familiar but previously unseen. It calls to our souls in a way that sunshine could never hope to grasp. Rain, like mist on mountaintops or the light of the moon, has a mystical feel that tugs at the imagination, inviting your inner child to emerge.

Rain is transformative. It makes the grass grow greener and the mind feel sharper. I always feel most creative when it’s raining because it quiets the outside world and envelops you in its embrace. It is isolating, but it is comforting as well. The rain subdues the bustle of everyday life, so even if you’re walking outside on a rainy day, time seems to slow down.

Rain is cleansing. It washes away the monotony that can sometimes creep in when you’ve spent too long in the sunlight. It lets you look at the world with new eyes. Then, from rain comes thunderstorms. They remind us that we are very small, and the universe is very large. Storms have a way of making our troubles seem insignificant because once you have witnessed the grandeur of nature — have seen lightning split the air, illuminating a darkening sky — suddenly, the worries you had don’t seem to measure up against the unrestrained omnipotence of the vast, starry sky.

Though it may be a hassle to lug around an umbrella or to arrive at work with rain-dampened hair, many of us don’t hesitate to say we love the rain. It is because, deep inside ourselves, the rain pulls at something we all feel but can never name. Rain is a return to our truest nature. It captures our imagination and hints that, just maybe, there is magic to be found in ordinary existence.

Photo by Robb Leahy on Unsplash


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