6 Smart Ways To Stay Hydrated In The Hot AF Summer Days

According to our calendars, summer is still here and isn’t leaving anytime soon. As summer continues, we are living our best lives outdoors with barbecues, bike riding, concerts, hiking, and much more.

But outdoor leisure activities require one element: water. According to the USGS, a healthy human contains 60% water to digest food, remove toxins, transport nutrients and hydrate the body. But, have you ever wondered if there was another way to maintain hydration during the summer? Although water is great, we sometimes want to shake it up a bit. Wasn’t that why flavored water was created? 

Here are six unique ways to stay hydrated this summer.

1. Collagen

Collagen helps keep the entire body hydrated. It helps the body repair itself and absorbs water. Collagen improves the appearance of skin and hair, cellulite, and stretch marks, while also increasing metabolism and energy. In fact, you can even add collagen to drinks and smoothies by adding a powder supplement. Let’s also not forget creams and serums with collagen as the main ingredient are great for skincare.

2. Steaming

Spa and post workout treatments are special treats. Have you ever noticed when you leave the steam room at the gym, your body feels wet? Steam hydrates the hair and skin and eliminate toxins to enhance blood flow, circulation, and improve complexion. This leaves your skin supple and hydrated.  

3. Food

There are many foods that contain water for hydration. For instance, a banana holds 3 oz of water, a can of chickpeas has 3.5 oz of water, and watermelon has a total of 7 oz of water. Before heading to your local store, check out your grocery list to add more foods with water.

4. Increase Soup Intake

Even though the summer is hot, people do not need to stop having soup. Soup is a great recipe to beat the heat and contains 70% of water. It can be served hot or hold. Slurp up!

5. Decrease Salt/Alcohol Consumption

Summer days and nights can contain loads of snacks and liquor. Things such as crackers, popcorn, beer, soda, and other high sodium foods can cause bloating and dehydration. Decreasing consumption of salty foods helps keep nutrients and hydration.

6. Pure Coconut Water

Not your average water in a bottle, pure coconut water contains a good source of electrolytes and carbohydrates. Compared to sports drinks, coconut water has less sugar, fewer calories, and higher potassium levels.

We all know consuming water is essential to our well-being. Water intake can be consumed in many ways other than just drinking it in a recyclable bottle (eco-friendly tip). Let’s make sure we’re having a fun, hydrating, and safe summer while we try to enjoy the heat waves!

Feature Image by Snapwire via Pexels




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