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7 Secret Chipotle Menu Items You Can Order Through Postmates

Everyone loves Chipotle for its affordable, delicious Mexican cuisine and its beloved secret menu, but did you know that you can get your favorite Chipotle secret menu items delivered straight to your door? Here are 7 Chipotle secret menu items that are sure to make your mouth water and some “Postmates hacks” that will help you use your favorite food delivery app to get your secret menu fix any time you’d like. Curl up in your pajamas, binge-watch your favorite show, and order away… without ever leaving the comfort of home.

1. Quesarito

If you’re an indecisive eater, the Quesarito’s for you. It’s a burrito with a delicious twist — a full quesadilla for a shell. The Quesarito is a great splurge after a long, busy day at the office – it costs an additional $3.50 — but it’s sure to leave you full and satisfied.

How to order on Postmates:

Select your filling, rice, beans and toppings, just like you would for a regular burrito. In the “Special Instructions” section, specify that you’d like a Cheese Quesadilla used as the “shell” for your burrito, and presto – a delectable Quesarito will arrive at your home.

2. Nachos

You can now officially get Chipotle’s lime-infused tortilla chips covered in all of your favorite toppings. If you’re in the mood for a lighter meal that includes all the Mexican flavors you love, Chipotle’s nachos are for you!

How to order on Postmates:

Order a Burrito Bowl. Select your fillings, beans, and toppings, but skip over the “Rice” section.  Under “Special Instructions,” clarify that you want chips (instead of rice) for the bottom of your bowl, and you’ll get delicious “nachos” delivered straight to your door!

3. Burritodilla

If you’re craving a burrito imbued with the grilled flavors of a Chipotle quesadilla, you’re sure to love the Burritodilla. This secret menu item is perfect for those days when your stomach’s rumbling for a Quesarito, but you don’t want want to break your diet or put a dent in your wallet.

How to order on Postmates:

Order a burrito, and select your fillings, rice, beans, and toppings. Under “Special Instructions,” specify that you’d like your burrito grilled up like a quesadilla, ask for half the typical amount of fillings, and you’ll get both your burrito and your quesadilla fixes without ever leaving your house.

4. Quesadilla

Want a loaded quesadilla without the time and hassle it takes to prepare one? Chipotle’s got you covered! If you’re craving a light Chipotle meal that’s a bit bigger than a Kids Quesadilla, but smaller than most of Chipotle’s other entrees, this full-sized quesadilla is exactly what you need.

How to order on Postmates:

Release your inner child and order a Kids’ Quesadilla. Choose your tortilla, fillings, rice, and beans. If you’d only like a quesadilla, select “No Drink” and “No Sides” in the “Drinks” and “Sides” sections. Under “Special Instructions,” ask for a burrito tortilla for your quesadilla… and wait for your delicious snack to arrive!

5. The 3-Pointer

If you’re looking to get a serious bang for your buck, but you aren’t into stuffing your Chipotle orders with every topping known to man, you seriously need The 3-Pointer in your life. The 3-Pointer is a meal with only three fillings, and it’s cheaper than a regular Chipotle meal, especially if you skip out on the meat. Score!

How to order on Postmates:

Order a burrito, and select three fillings of your choice. For any fillings you don’t want to include, select the corresponding “No” option for that particular filling (i.e. “No Rice,” “No Beans”). Your delicious 3-Pointer will be on its way!

6. Double-Decker Taco

If tacos are your life, but you can never decide which kind you want (They’re all so good!), the Double-Decker Taco is sure to please you. It’s a regular taco stuffed to the brim with the best filling imaginable – a cheese taco. Yum!

How to order on Postmates:

Order two “Single Tacos.” On the first, select your tortilla, fillings, rice, beans, and toppings. In “Special Instructions,” write “Double-Decker Taco (outer taco).” On the second taco, since Postmates requires that you choose a meat, select “Sofritas” or “Carnitas” as a filling, choose any other toppings you’d like, and don’t forget the cheese! For your second taco, under “Special Instructions,” write “No meat.” Cheese taco for Double-Decker Taco.” Relax with your favorite beverage, put your feet up, and wait for your hard-earned taco to arrive!

7. Double Toppings

If toppings make or break your perfect Chipotle order, never fear! You can now request double toppings for those times when one scoop of your favorites just isn’t enough to satisfy you. Prepare your stomach, because this order’s not for the faint of heart!

How to order on Postmates:

Select your toppings and fillings. In “Special Instructions,” simply write “Double toppings.” Chipotle’s sure to deliver — in more ways than one!

These tips and tricks for ordering your Chipotle secret menu favorites on Postmates are sure to give you the best of both worlds. All of your favorite Chipotle meals and none of the hassle of waiting in line — what could be better? Now, get comfy and order up!

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