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The Ultimate Guide To Using Community Bathrooms In College

Going to college means swapping out your own bathroom space for a shared bathroom experience. If you are living in a dorm, you are most likely going to fall victim to the community bathroom. There are all kinds of horror stories floating around about community bathrooms and the things that go on there. However, with the right knowledge and mindset going in, it really isn’t all that bad. Having the right tools and knowing all the rules about sharing such bathroom will help you immensely and allow you to feel comfortable going to the bathroom.

The things you need:

  1. A robe – you need a robe because it is not always practical to carry your clothes with you to the shower. You already have enough to carry. Also, if there is a fire or a fire drill, a robe will be more comfortable than a towel to stand in outside.
  2. A towel – you still need a towel in order to dry off.
  3. A shower caddy – unless you plan on juggling all of your bathroom essentials, a shower caddy is a must. I recommend a mesh one because they are easier to clean and don’t hold as much dirt and bacteria.
  4. Shower Shoes – don’t go into college thinking you don’t need these. No matter how clean you think those shower floors are, they’re not. There is more bacteria than you know in those showers, so buy a pair of flip-flops. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

Rules to follow:

  1. Be conscious of others- this is not just your bathroom. Other people are using it as often as you are. Be mindful of how much space you are taking up at the sink and how much time you are spending in the shower.
  2. Clean up after yourself – this goes along with the first rule, but sometimes people just don’t. I know it seems like it’s okay because no one will ever know it was yours, but no one wants to pick up your things. Always clean your hair out of the drain because that’s just gross, and nobody wants to wait up to 3 weeks for a plumber if that drain clogs up.
  3. DO NOT put your feminine products in the toilet. There are most likely trash cans next to every toilet. There may be more than one toilet, but if you clog them all up, there won’t be any. Just put them in the trash can. Again, remember the plumber.
  4. Flush the toilet – after you finish using it, be sure you flush it. No one wants to see your business (or smell it). It does not matter what you did in there, just flush it.
  5. Stick to a shower schedule – find the time of day when the bathroom is not too busy and not too disgusting and shower at that time.

Remember, this is only temporary. Maybe someday you will have your own bathroom. For now, it’s really best to follow these rules and have the right supplies. You will use the bathroom every day, whether you like it or not. So you might as well try to make it as enjoyable and comfortable as you possibly can. Of course some things are out of your control, but take care of the things you can control. My hope is that these tips help you because there are so many benefits of community bathrooms. You always have toilet paper, you never have to worry about who is going to clean it, and whenever there is an issue it’s not your responsibility.

What’s your advice for using community bathrooms?

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