7 Ways Using Aloe Vera Will Completely Change Your Beauty Routine

I have an Aloe Vera Plant sitting on my kitchen windowsill for whenever I get a sunburn, thanks to my very sensitive and white skin. It can do wonders by soothing your reddest sunburn, as well as working as a moisturizer. However, aloe vera can be used for so much more than just your skin! Here’s 7 ways you can use aloe vera as a part of your everyday beauty routine.

It makes your hair grow. If you put aloe vera in your hair it will be long and luscious, all thanks to the vitamins A, C, and E in the plant. If you put it in your hair for 20 minutes, at least once a week, you’ll eventually see results! Or, you could also use it every day as a conditioner. Add aloe vera in your hair care routine and let me know how it works for you.

It can get rid of your bad breath. Aloe vera can be used as an anti-inflammatory by soothing acid indigestion, which will help with bad mouth odor. If you drink aloe vera diluted with water every day, you’ll see an improvement in your oral hygiene.

It’ll be your new favorite shaving gel. Aloe vera can be used as a silky shaving gel, and leaves you without those pesky shave bumps! Also, shaving with aloe vera is better for sensitive skin because it’s natural and it promotes the growth of new skin cells.

It heals blisters. It’s easy to get a blister after a long day walking in high heels! If you rub aloe vera on a blister it’ll make the redness and swelling go down. Make sure you keep putting aloe vera on the blister once it pops for a speedy healing.

It helps with those pesky mosquito bites. If you’re covered in mosquito bites rub aloe vera gel on the bites! It will help keep you from scratching, and help with swelling. Bonus, it can also be used for poison ivy!

It reduces blood sugar level. Eating aloe vera pills will help reduce your blood sugar levels. This means it can also be useful in the treatment of diabetes!

It improves digestion. Drinking aloe vera helps with proper digestion. It can cure IBS, and other gastrointestinal conditions from damaging your system. If you consume aloe vera for 3 to 4 weeks you’ll notice positive results!

It’s safe to say aloe vera is nature’s most amazing superfood.There are so many benefits this plant can give us, and I only names a few! It’s important to buy an aloe vera plant so you know you’re not buying a product that has chemicals in it. Remember to only drink 50ml of aloe vera juice twice a day. What do you use aloe vera for? Let me know!

Photo by Lena Bell on Unsplash


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