This Is The Poetry Book You Need To Take On Your Next Trip

Have you ever found yourself lying awake in the middle of the night, lost in thought, or maybe even drowning in your thoughts on your way back to dreamland? I know I have, and one of the best distractions for those middle of the night second-winds is poetry; or better yet, poetry about lying awake at night with some free thoughts. One of my new, and very supportive, writer friends, Andre, has just self-published his own book called 24 Hours.

Andre Gutierrez is a freelance author working out of Manila, Philippines. His book, 24 Hours, is a collection of poetry. It is a collection of thoughts that often creep inside the minds of those who lie awake at night with lingering thoughts. It’s not hard for these poems to reach a wide array of emotions for every reader as they range from thoughts of a lost love to a question or two about faith.

Andre expresses many ups and downs that are written so simply that they leave a surprising impact. For example, one of the shorter ones found on page 62 says “With the right people,/ a house can be a home,/ and you can never feel alone.” Depending on a readers’ perspective, this could be speaking about family members, friendly roommates, or even intimate lovers. However, on page 67, a much deeper relationship piece showcases a lover causing the start of a heartbreak:

“Call out his name
In front of me;
And watch me bleed,

Blurt it all out,
Like I’m not there,
but it’s my fault,
To stand beside you.

When you were drunk,
and I’m all sober.
I used to be the name,
You were calling over.”

Now, any readers who caught a partner cheating in the past may feel the heartbreak that Andre portrays in this poem. From the calling of another man’s name to the bleeding silently, Andre’s heartbreak builds to such a powerful ending, “I used to be the name, You were calling over.”

There are many areas where readers can truly feel the depth of the emotions Andre mentions in his writing, while there are many that can be left up to interpretation. This phenomenon is extremely common for poets as it acts as a way to truly engage readers into finding their own meaning to what they’re reading. Frankly, this same phenomenon is what leaves so many people confused, and turned off from poetry.

Andre does a fantastic job at leaving his subtleties fairly obvious to his relationship and stress themes. However, there are some areas where even I was a little lost; moving forward is where I found some answers though so don’t give up on this wonderful little book!

Overall, this read was a long-time coming as I pushed my reading list aside until I finished my last Spring college semester. I’m so glad I’ve finally read it, matter how long it took. After the stresses of my largest, longest session of final exams, I thought I was going to break and this book was exactly what I didn’t know I needed. Copies of this book can be found on Amazon in paperback or Kindle formats for less than $10USD. Be sure to snag your copy before your next trip and let us know how you feel too!

Featured image via Thought Catalog on Unsplash


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