To My Future Husband: What You Need To Know About The Girl I Am Now

Dear future husband, this is me.

Hello baby! This is the first letter I’m writing to you and I have to confess that I feel a little silly doing this.I don’t know you yet and I have no idea what you look like, but I’m sure that for my eyes, you will be the most handsome man ever.I have no idea what you like, what your career is, what’s your favorite food, or your favorite color, but my dear, you have to know that I pray for you.

I don’t know your fears or struggles, but I pray so you can overcome those trials and you can become a stronger man. My love, I want you to love me like crazy, but first, I want you to love God more than anything else on this world because that is the only way our marriage and life will work.

I don’t know how long I’m going to wait for you and sometimes I get frustrated, boo! I’m so curious about you and I want to learn more about who you are and who you want to be. I want to be able to call you at night just to tell you about my favorite show and how Jane and Rafael are going back together on this season. I want to be able to text you and send you a funny picture that reminded me of that time we laughed uncontrollably until midnight.  I can’t do much right now, so I just have to be patient and understand that God has a perfect timing. We will have a lifetime to enjoy together, my dear.

I’m a really calm girl. I rarely go to clubs, never get drunk and don’t go kissing other guys like there’s no tomorrow, so seeing all my friends “living up their 20s” makes me feel like a complete grandma, but thinking that someday I will be able to go to sleep every night next to the man I’m in love with makes me feel excited and gives me hope.  Thinking about all those valentine’s we’ll have together and all those experiences I’m going to live with you by my side make me think that the waiting will be worthwhile.

I know the universe’s timing is perfect. It won’t come too early or too late, so when it’s time for us to meet, things will be awesome. Right now, I know it’s not our time. He is working on you and He is working on me, and both of us should be focused on that.

That’s what I will do for me and for you baby! Now I will focus on becoming the woman I want to be and the universe wants me to be. I will focus on pursuing my dreams and my career as writer and fashion lover. I will spend quality time with my friends and learn new things, so when we get together, I will have thousands of stories to share with you while we cuddle on the couch. Baby I’m so excited for this!

I love you, my husband

Forever yours,

Your future wife.

Photo by Eric Alves on Unsplash


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