Turns Out Celebrities Also Fangirl Over Other Celebrities Just Like Us

When we think of celebrities, we don’t usually think of them being like normal people. In actuality, we think of them as superior Gods and Goddesses. But the reality is that celebrities are just like regular people. They have problems like the rest of us, go to the bathroom like the rest of us, and even eat at the same fast-food joints as we do.

We certainly don’t think of celebrities as idolizing other stars, since they’re all on the same playing field. But recently, we’ve been noticing a lot celebrities showing love for other celebrities’ work, specifically, their music. Some of these celebs’ kids are on the “ love and support” bandwagon, too, and it makes for adorable social media posts!

Chris Hemsworth Loves Miley Cyrus

Last week, Chris Hemsworth was having a PJ party jam session. Things took a dramatic turn when Miley Cyrus’s song, Wrecking Ball,  came on, and Chris transformed into an epic performer. For those who don’t remember, Miley is his soon-to-be sister in law, and the song was allegedly written about his brother, Liam. This is one of the greatest videos on the internet.

Miley thought it was hilarious and even acknowledged the video on Twitter, sharing the link herself. Who wouldn’t love to see Thor get down with his adorable kids and his dog?

AJ McLean Loves Britney Spears

Around Christmas last year, the Backstreet (bad) Boy posted plenty of videos of himself and his daughters, Ava and Lyric, singing along to Christmas songs. The most popular song in the house was Britney Spears’ song, “My Only Wish (This Year).” Brit even acknowledged the video via Twitter and shared her delight and well-wishes for the McLean family, too.

It’s a @britneyspears Xmas up in here y’all!

A post shared by AJ McLean (@aj_mclean) on

I know, it melted your heart, right? Who would have thought the bad boy of BSB would crush this song and dance number and introduce his daughters a fellow 90s music icon? He’s doing parenting right, and he is one hot DILF for this one.

Wiz Khalifa Loves Taylor Swift

It’s no secret that Kanye West isn’t a fan of Taylor Swift’s, but he can’t say the same for his ex Amber Rose, her baby daddy Wiz Khalifa, and their son, Sebastian. The two treated their son to a meet-and-greet before Taylor’s concert, let him bring Tay flowers, and sang their hearts out while watching her perform. Thankfully, they recorded the whole experience on Instagram.

Now, I know this was meant for Sebastian because he was the real fan, but Wiz was getting down just as hard. Surprisingly, he knew every word to the songs and had the biggest smile on his face. Who would have thought he’s a Swiftie?

It’s kind of funny to see celebrities dance around to songs we didn’t think they’d listen to or even know the words to. And, it’s even cuter to see them interact with their kids in such a personal and genuine state of goofiness. Anything for the kids, right? Now, if only we could get more clips from other celebrities so we can swoon over the cuteness!

Featured image via Miley Cyrus


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