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The Hottest Food Trends Of Summer 2018

Summer is here and so are some new food concept trends. This year is bringing in quite a few trends that are going to be really nice to the planet, I can’t say how it will effect your wallet though. One thing is for sure, vegetables are the stars of this season. Here are a few of the concepts you will be seeing:

Hyper Local Foods

We aren’t just talking farm-to-table here. We are talking rooftop garden-to-table. Sourcing is the biggest trend of the summer. You can see this in the form of gardens or greenhouses, maybe an onsite brewery or a backyard vineyard. You will also be experiencing a lot more house-made condiments.

Natural/Clean Eating

Now, this has been around for a bit they are taking it up a few notches. Being transparent on the label is in (in design and what is in your product). You will see a lot of basic ingredients and the fewer the better.

Vegetable Focus

Everything Veggie! The focus of the entree will be vegetables. A lot more plant-based burgers, veggies replacing carbs, and general plant-based menus.

Environmental Sustainability

Reducing food waste and treating the earth around us right is a big concern. Marketing that tells a story and is transparent about the products is coming out on top. Packaging that is environmentally friendly, low waste products, and restaurants doing beneficial movements with leftovers are just a few things you might see.

Authentic Ethnic Food

Ethnic foods are breaking away from your regular Chinese and Mexican cuisine in the U.S. Some specific trends being African, Peruvian and Filipino Cuisine. You will see more ethnic breakfast foods, more spice variety, and new desserts.

Other hot trends you will be seeing include:

  • New cuts of Meat. (oyster steak, shoulder tender)
  • Street food-inspired dishes (Tacos, dumplings)
  • Sustainable seafood
  • Fattier Meals vs. Starchy Meals – Keto Friendly meals and avoiding starchy and sugary carb based meals.
  • Foods that are good for gut health.
  • Desserts desserts desserts. Get your phone ready to take some Instagram worthy dessert pics.

What Trends are on their way out?

  • No more Mason Jar meals. They lasted for a couple years but they are officially done.
  • Artisan cheese.
  • Dairy in general. You will be seeing more and more dairy-free milks and we are now moving into the realm of dairy-free yogurts (besides soy). Pea Milk is making a pretty good name for itself.
  • Low-fat foods – we are talking egg whites instead of eggs,
  • Rainbow/Sparkling/ Unicorn everything. Goodbye Unicorn frappuccino, latte, toast, milkshakes. Let’s see what 2018 replaces you with.

It looks like this year will be full of healthy decisions and earth-conscious choices when it comes to trending foods. It’s up to you to be on board with the trend but it is never too early to be kind to the planet!

Featured image via Dan Gold on Unsplash



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