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30 Life Lessons You Learn To Appreciate When You Turn 30

I turned 30 today – it’s both grim, and satisfying. I still have much to learn; I have yet to master a decent bedtime, nor can I commit to completing a load of laundry in one day (from start to finish). Furthermore, I just do not understand the point of a bed skirt!

However, there are simple lessons I’ve acquired throughout out the past three decades. (yikes!)
  1. When it comes to makeup, less truly is more.
  2. My mom is cooler than me.
  3. Life is too short to fret over the state of my utensil drawer.
  4. When in doubt, wear black on black – this works for any occasion.
  5. Time heals heartbreak caused by love, but not heartbreak produced by death.
  6. Fighting in a relationship is not passion. Passion is when everything they do is sexy and those rose colored glasses never come off.
  7. I am sometimes needy and I won’t apologize for that.
  8. Never put a boyfriend above your girlfriends.
  9. I am not immune to pregnancy – yes, it can happen to you.
  10. Don’t be afraid to ask questions; at work, at school, or simply in your daily life.
  11. If it doesn’t bring you joy, LET IT GO – people, objects and clothes.
  12. Instant gratification brought on by shopping – doesn’t last long at all.
  13. Talk to a professional about your mental health!
  14. If he’s interested, he’ll absolutely make it clear.
  15. “Fuck-it” days can totally be self-care days.
  16. Don’t speed; you’ll still hit red lights and tickets are expensive.
  17. When we fuck things up, our lives can change in beautiful, unexpected ways.
  18. Nature will undoubtedly improve my mood.
  19. Life happens beyond my phone.
  20. There is nothing quite more exhilarating than falling in love.
  21. It’s so much easier to park further away than to drive around in circles looking for a closer spot.
  22. There’s no shame in believing in oneself.
  23. I can’t handle alcohol and drugs – and that’s alright.
  24. It may feel like the entire room is watching me – but frankly, everyone is in their own world.
  25. Don’t be a dick – pick up trash rather than stepping over it.
  26. My body isn’t owed to anyone.
  27. Pursue what excites you.
  28. True love is uncomplicated.
  29. Beating myself up doesn’t make me try any harder.
  30. A cheater may not always be a cheater, but don’t stick around to find out. Life’s too short to waste your time on a douchebag.

Although getting older seems like a drag, I suppose it won’t be quite as tragic as I’m anticipating. My roaring twenties are behind me, yet I’m looking forward to what #30andnerdy has to offer; no doubt I’ll learn plenty of lessons while I continue to explore this other side of life.

Featured image via Jonathan Borba on Unsplash



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