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6 Lessons You Can Learn From The ‘In My Blood’ Music Video

‘In My Blood’ is said to be one of Shawn Mendes’ more personal songs that addresses his struggle with anxiety. It speaks to many fans, regardless of their interpretations of the song. A visual companion to the single has just been dropped and it is beautifully vulnerable. You can translate the video however you want, but with the help of feelings and experiences, here are the important messages I learned by breaking down all the elements.

The Outfit

The regular garments throughout show the simplicity and fragility of a human being. Whatever things life brings to you, stay true to who you are. You don’t have to fake your skin. It might be weak, but your heart is what is important. Sometimes you feel alone and have nothing. It is okay. Your heart is the strongest power you have to face difficulties in life.

The Stone

You are repeatedly led into situations that aim to ruin you and end you. Fair life will always bombard you with sides that love to judge, insult, and criticize. Your job is not to feel insecure. Always know that your worth is what is causing them longing to destroy you. If you realize how precious your self is, you will hear the voice within telling you to move on. Do not let them get into your head.

The Snow

Deception is approaching when you feel like you have had enough. You tend to seek temporary pleasures to run from reality. There will be no getaway car once you fall too far into false contentment. Keep yourself away from being stone blind. Face what’s coming with all who you really are. Life can manipulate you with what is good and what is not. But a choice that comes from you is the only real thing that could lead you into pure sobriety.

The Rain

Have you ever been asked to change just because one doesn’t feel it? When your excitement about something is being tempered, that is when you have to be at your very robust. People may rain on your parade, spill your private tea for recognition of being superior and powerful. Life as we know it is cruel. It never rains but it pours. Keep your heart and mind as right as rain. Sun won’t illuminate you at all times. Make hay while the sun shines. So when it rains again, you know how to stand under the umbrella of patience and humility. No time for an umbrella? Then dance!

The Movement

There are decisions. There are consequences. And there are mistakes. Remorse is often the aftermath. Never condemn yourself for every bullet shot to your skin. Do not let yourself sink in ‘what if’ and ‘I should have’ games. You can’t control everything. You are not always in charge for every stone, snow, and rain in your life. You do not have to fight every battle. Sometimes, in order to win, all you have to do is to accept and to give in.

The Bloom

This is the most important part – to know that eventually empty ground will bloom the colors. Soil that turns into rock, weeks of pouring rain, and perpetual snowfall do not stop a rose from revealing its red. Nothing lasts forever, including resentful treats. When the moon doubts to light the night, the sun comes to help. When you are uncertain on how to proceed, something inside you is always willing to assist – it is the strength to stand up. Live your moment. Learn the obstacle and know your enemy (it could be someone, something, or even yourself) to be aware of how to confront them. Accept all the trials. Understand that they make you who you are now and that today, you are never better. You will only understand the taste of sweet victory after being through bitter challenges.

When faced with moments to give up, scream out loud to yourself:

It isn’t in my blood.

Featured image via “Shawn Mendes” by rwoan is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0



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