It’s Never Too Late To Recognize The Signs Of Depression

This is a collection of poetry that aims to raise awareness on suicide and depression. It is never too late to know the signs, if we just care to look at them. Let the words resonate in you, and be the friend who you want to have. I firmly believe that the mind is the most bloodiest battlefield one can encounter. And with enough help & support, everyone who undergoes this war can win it.

Signs pt.1

I feel your sorrow,
You are hurting yourself now,
Please put down that blade.


Signs pt.2

Thou needed thy love,
Yet, we ought to foresee thee,
and grieve when we miss.


Signs pt.3

Seeking self-love,
Until nothing is left.
Impotent to find enough,
Calling through his death,
In everything, he found nothing.
Depleted ego, and worthless thinking.
Everyone cared, when the light was over blinking.



Black, Dark, Gray and Blue,
whatever you do, my friends sees you.
Black judges, everything he touches –
Dark removes the light you see,
she dims the world with nothing but agony.
Gray makes a hollow spot,
and digs up all, where blood might clot.
Blue fixes everything though,
yet it is not the same for,
now it’s filled with anger and sorrow –
but to blame is a shame.
Black, Dark, Gray and Blue,
whatever you do, my friends sees you.
whatever you do, you can’t be you.
Black, Dark, Gray and Blue.


Commas and Semicolons

Blind eyes reflect all of the lies,
stitched mouths wanting to tell stories,
but nobody cared to listen,
big arms longing for hugs that comfort,
tears that rush down, finding a river –
an endless search;
for happiness;
yet nobody;
sees but him;
vent out those feelings –
using iron bars that make you look strong,
but behind those joyous smiles –
is a demon you face by night, all alone,
he; continued,
never; stopped,
aims to search; for true meaning –
life says he’s broken,
but he still keeps on going,



words are art;
indeed, the strongest of all,
but if man misuses,
another man can fall,
words are art;
that can bring peace to troubled souls,
but if man misuses,
it can shatter man’s goals,
words are art;
that can light a road at night,
but if man misuses,
it could give up a fight,
words are art;
more precious than gold,
but if man misuses,
it could turn some stone cold.


Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash


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