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Beyonce Slayed Coachella: Here’s What It Means For Black America

When I tell you Beyonce played no games when it came to Coachella 2018, I mean it and we all cannot stop talking about it. Please tell me this was not just me during the performance:

The Queen B herself just made history on Saturday as being the first Black woman to headline Coachella after last year’s performance was canceled because of the birth of her twins.

Outside of performing, Beyonce is now settled down as a mom of three. It’s amazing that she is a bomb mom and just gave the world a performance that shocked the world. She’s recently performed representing Historically Black Colleges-Universities’s (HBCU) marching band and dance team culture, gave a collective throwback of some of the greatest songs she has ever released, did a duet with her beau Jay-Z, and oh yeah, Destiny’s Child reunited as well.

New York Times music reviewer, Jon Caramanica, stated, “there’s not likely to be a more meaningful, absorbing, forceful and radical performance by an American musician this year or any year soon.” The Coachella performance was two-hours long and she performed some of the best songs everyone remembers, such as, “Crazy in Love,” “Say My Name,” and “Formation.” These songs are known for being girl empowerment anthems and representations of Beyonce’s Southern roots.

Singing the anthem, “Lift Every Voice,” to pay homage to the Civil Rights Era even, her dancers were from some of America’s best HBCU’s like North Carolina, A&T, Tennessee State University, and Alabama State University.

Beyonce was clad in her very own version of a Belta Delta Kappa, complete with a custom coat of arms that was emblazoned on her shirt than she wore with booty hugging denim shorts only Beyonce could slay, and bedazzled boots. Her dancers slayed in yellow body suites that brought out their melanin and strutted and twirled in their white, thigh-high boots.

What I absolutely love about Beyonce, is as much as she gets both love and hate (people who say she is over-praised) she is no doubt an amazing talented performer who deserves all of the recognition that she gets. She practiced for 11 hours for this epic performance and it shows, because that is who Beyonce is, a boss woman and an extremely hard worker who gives you the show you are looking for.

It’s also incredibly amazing that she never forgets about Black America. At a time where racism is high in America and Black men are being arrested just for placing an order at Starbucks, her decision to do a performance that celebrates Black culture is not only timely, but it is empowering.

Beyonce always does performances that are culturally provocative and we all left this one being more aware of HBCU culture and got the Destiny’s Child reunion we have all been waiting for as well. Beyonce has also announced a homecoming scholars award for four HBCU schools so that Blacks have an opportunity for an education.

She gave us a show honey!!! And we love her for it.

Featured Image via J.ébey Wikimedia



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