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13 Reasons You Love Burritos More Than People

For many of us, burritos have become more than just food. They have been there for us through the good and the bad. Burritos would never hurt us and they can always make you smile. Here are 14 more reasons why burritos complete you:

You can have them for any meal.

Breakfast Burrito? Check. Dinner Burrito? Check. And you can never go wrong with a snack burrito.

Everything is cuter in burrito form.

I mean…burritos are cute but baby burritos?? Can’t even handle it.

You can weed out your real friends based off who likes burritos or not.

They can’t be a good person if they don’t like burritos. I’m pretty sure that is science.

No one judges you for being a messy burrito eater.

It is actually preferred if you eat it with a lot of passion.

Have you ever disappointed anyone by shouting about burritos??

The answer is no. No you have not.

Burrito Trucks are the adult Ice Cream trucks.

Very few things can make me run, but I will chase a burrito truck down if that’s what it takes.

If burrito bodies would become a thing, we would all be much happier people.

Just imagine if your friends complimented you because they could tell you had a really amazing burrito that day…

You are willing to spend extra for guac on a burrito when you are normally appalled by the idea that people would make you pay extra for anything.

It’s just worth it.

Eating burritos helps you develop strong determination.

Perseverance, determination, stamina: all characteristics we develop from burrito eating.

You’ve never felt more emotional than when someone pays for your burrito.

I’ve never loved someone more than in that moment.

Your car comes with built-in burrito holders.

If it wasn’t vital to your survival they wouldn’t put holders for them…

We truly want to take them everywhere we go.

If I can’t I guess I am just staying home.

They present us with serious life questions…

Even Jesus needs burritos.

Burritos bring us all together. You can’t be angry while you are eating a burrito. It just isn’t possible. So, live your best life and go get yourself a burrito. If you feel like making a lifelong friend today, go by someone else a burrito.

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