5 Sentimental Gifts To Get Your Valentine This Year

Valentine’s day is right around the corner, stores everywhere are decorated with pink and red hearts and are stocked with cute stuffed animals. Getting a gift for your valentine is hard because you never know how much to spend, your significant other already has over 100 stuffed animals and you’ve gotten them flowers for the past 3 years.

Personally, I think the most sentimental gifts are the best. The best thing about sentimental gifts is they are often the least expensive.

It’s about the thought you put in, not how much you spent.

Some sentimental gifts ideas you can give to that special person in your life are:

1. Open When Letters

This has become a recent trend. If you look up ‘Open When’ Letters who will get a variety of examples on Pinterest. You can fill these letters with small, inexpensive gifts, such as a gift card to your partner’s favourite fast food place. Or you can just write down a few words. Regardless, I love this idea and like that it’s a gift that can last a long time and brighten your partner’s day.

2. A Mix Tape

What ever happened to the days when you would receive a cassette tape or CD with songs that remind you of your crush? Let’s bring back mixtapes in 2018! Make your significant other or current crush a mix of songs that remind you of them.

3. Cook their favorite meal

The way to any person’s heart is through food. Skip the stereotypical chocolate or expensive dinner date and make your partner their favourite meal. Not only will you get bonus points for remembering what their favorite meal is, but you can also make it as romantic as you want by lighting candles, putting on some music and including their favorite dessert.

4. Write a Love Letter

The power of the written word is incredible. You don’t need to be a talented writer, you just need to be honest with your partner and tell them how they make you feel or what you like about them. You can personalize this as much as you want. It can be written as a formal letter or you can make a list of 100 things you like about them. Either way, I guarantee they will appreciate the sentiment. Bonus: it costs $0

5. Bake Cupcakes Together

If your partner values quality time over material gifts, would be the best thing you can give them. Plus who doesn’t like cupcakes? You can even do this with friends and hand them out to strangers in your class, at work, or lovely strangers you pass on the street.

A lot of people dislike valentines day because they either think it’s a useless commercial holiday, or it reminds them of how single they are. I disagree. Valentine’s day is one of my favourite holidays because it’s the only holiday that’s dedicated to spreading love. Take this day to tell your mom how appreciative you are of her, or the spend some extra quality time with your friends. Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be about relationships.

At the end of the day the gifts don’t matter, it’s about the people you get to share your life with.

Featured image via Noelle Downing


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