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4 Reasons You Need Patience In Order To Find Yourself

Impatient people, we all know them. Some of us might actually be them. However, we may be missing out on truly knowing who we are because we are impatient. Aside from the painfully obvious fact that impatience is merely an unwelcome stressor that we place on ourselves, there is a better way to live. While we can’t fault ourselves for not practicing patience on the regular, reminding ourselves of why it is so essential can really shift our perspective and allow us to become more patient.

When it comes to being patient, it can be the key to unlocking our true selves. Similar to meditation, patience gives us the time to take a step back from our hectic lives and look within. This practice of looking within ourselves provides some excellent insight on who we are, what we want, our dreams, and desires. This simple mindset shift can allow you to take a look at yourself and find out who you really are.

Practice Gratitude

Thankfulness has a multitude of benefits. Research shows that being mindful allows us to live happier lives. We are less stressed and more optimistic in our daily lives. Practicing gratitude can foster self-control and will enable you to discover a more successful way of reducing impatience.

Be Mindful Of What Is Actually Making You Feel Rushed

Like most people, mental to-do lists are something we all have in common. We are always worried about all the errands and things that must get done. Sooner than later our brains are so preoccupied with what we have to do that we forget what it is that we actually enjoy doing. When our minds are always jumping from thought to thought, worry to worry, we don’t give our minds a break. This is a recipe for impatience. When our brains are given a break from all that hustle, we can begin to look inwards and truly begin to know who we are and what we stand for.

Purposefully Make Yourself Wait

Instant gratification can seem like the most feel-good option at the moment. However, it actually does the opposite when it comes to finding ourselves. As we grow up, we tend to want to grow up faster. We want to experience things quickly. But sometimes, our parents really do know best. When they tell us to wait to have our first kiss or wait before moving in with a significant other, it all adds up to the fact that we can be impulsive and want to rush through life thinking there is a tangible end result. But the reality is that there is no concrete answer to the question of who we are. While we may think we know everything, life will continuously throw things in our way to teach us the valuable lessons that we are here to learn.

Embrace All The Uncomfortable Feelings

Typically, we are not good with change. Change is scary. It can be tough and challenging to step out of our comfort zone. However, when we do, miracles are bound to happen. This is the real meaning of patience. When we allow ourselves to get comfortable with some of the more uncomfortable feelings that pop up when we leave our comfort zones, we can begin to really find out what we are made of, who we are, and where we stand.

At the end of the day, allowing our minds to calm is the best remedy towards finding ourselves. Once we stop worrying about the rat race of life, we can see who we are. Give yourself a break and see what a minor shift in perspective can uncover for you.

Featured Image by Cody Black on Unsplash



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