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You’re Not Responsible For Other People’s Happiness

Life is hard. Relationships are complicated. And while some of us would love to be able to control everything that happens, the reality is that we can’t. No one can. When it comes to wanting others to be happy, we really have to learn to let go of our control. This is not to say that we shouldn’t take other people’s emotions into consideration. While we can genuinely care for the well-being of others, we can’t allow ourselves to want to make them happy at all times. It’s okay for others to have different emotions. People are allowed to feel upset, disappointed or angry.

Create Healthy Relationships

Creating healthy relationships is essential. When it comes to romantic relationships, people need to give one another space to grow. You can care for someone and love them while simultaneously not controlling them. That is actually the hallmark of a healthy romantic relationship.

What Happens When You Try And Control?

When you attempt to control other’s happiness, you harm not only the relationship itself but your well-being as well. People are forced to walk on eggshells around those they attempt to control. This is the foundation of a toxic romantic relationship. No one is ever angry or upset with us because of what we may have done. It’s always a decision we may have made or a situation that causes others distress. Typically, the issue lies with the other person and has absolutely nothing to do with us. To try to make everything our fault takes away our power and also takes away the control of the other person to change.

The Signs Of A Healthy Relationship

Healthy relationships are built on trust, honesty, and respect. When people don’t take things so personally, healthy relationships flourish. When you can easily share how you are feeling and what you are going through with your partner, you can begin to strengthen your bond. This is how a relationship grows and blossoms. When we can take responsibility for our own emotions, we let the other person off the hook. In return, when other people do the same, we let ourselves off the hook. At the end of the day, we all can finally be free to share about our experience in an open and non-judgmental way.  

The Final Realization

In the end, when we can let go of our need to make everyone around us happy, we give others permission to be authentic and genuine when around us. Others are free to have their feelings and share them with you. When you accept them and their feelings or emotions, you can begin to build a healthy romantic relationship that can indeed withstand the test of time.

Free To Stand In Our Own Authentic Power

Once we free ourselves from the shackles of trying to control how other people feel, we can finally stand in our own authentic power of expression. In fact, being genuine with our emotions and feelings is really the only way you can connect with others on a deep level. Allowing yourself to shine as bright as you possibly can free up space for those around you to stand in their own authentic light. This shared space provides both people with the ability to be sincere to their emotions and feelings. When this happens, your relationships begin to shift and change for the better.

There really is nothing better than knowing that you are allowed to feel your feelings and emotions, no matter what. So stop trying to please others, and choose yourself first!

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