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The Top 10 Classic Looks That Will Never Go Out of Style

There has been some seriously wacky fashion and beauty trends out there. In the last twenty years, remember blue eyeshadow, trucker hats, pucca shell necklaces, skunk hair, chokers, spider lashes, snapbacks, bright violet lipstick, strobe highlighter, chokers (again), and so much hairspray your hair is stiff as a rock. If we go even further back, we see flower child summer hats, blue mascara, bell bottom jeans, clunky clogs and tye-dye shirts.

I commend people for stepping into the territory of the latest trends, it’s a brave choice, and sometimes it looks fabulous AF. But I always fear the day I look back on a photo mortified and say to myself, “WHAT WAS I THINKING?” (and I’ve had a few of those during my idolization of the Olsen twins). So for me personally, I try to do myself up in timeless style. There are just some classic looks that will never go out of style, and today I’m gonna share them with you so you don’t have to have an embarrassing “OMG moment” if you don’t want one.

1. Red Lipstick
A bold red lip is a classic way to articulate you are a friggin boss. There have been many variations of a red lip: lip stain, matte lipstick, lipgloss etc. The result is always a head turner. While your bright blue, orange coral and violet lips might be fun and quirky, a classic red look always has, and always will, look good. Show it off.

Tip: You can go to your nearest Sephora to determine which shades of red will compliment your skin’s undertones.

2. Black on Black on Black
Ah, my favourite colour. It is so chic, who wouldn’t want to wear it? Everyone looks good in black. Everyone. Black might be a ‘safe’ colour, but it can also be very daring and sexy. Your zebra-patterned pants and gold chained textured blouse? Not so much.

Tip: Keep your darks dark and fade-proof with a proper detergent. There is nothing worse than wearing 6 shades of black at once.

3. A White Blouse
You can play with the textures and fabric patterns on white blouses. Silky blouses, blouses with a necktie accent, casual boyfriend blouses, you name it. This is a clean and classic look that will never go out of style.  

Tip: Wear with a slim pair of jeans and you’re set.

4. Heels  
Screw your be-dazzled flats or your leopard print stilettos. Girl bye. A pair of classic black, red, or nude heels are a gorgeous way to ‘amp up’ your outfit. You literally can’t go wrong.

Tip: Black heels might be sexy, but red heels? They give any look a little pop of colour that’ll make you noticed every time.

5. A Line Skirts
So skirts have had their share of styles: mini, crop, fit and flare, suede, pencil, maxi. I love beautiful flowing A line skirts and dresses. They are very flattering on any figure as they typically sit right on your waistline and extenuate your legs. They are so femme!

Tip: It doesn’t need to be a dramatic A line, even a soft flowing and subtle silhouette is very alluring. You’ve seen this style in almost every era, a sure way to know it’s timeless.

6. A Trench Coat
Okay so maybe these haven’t been around for centuries like some fashionable concepts have, but I can see why it’s so popular. They cover up so much and yet are so sexy and makes you wonder what you got under there.

Tip: If you go out and get one of these, please show up at your significant others apartment wearing this, and only this; you have to live the cliche. You just have to.

7. Pearls/Diamonds
Maybe i’m just a Hepburn enthusiast, but I love sparkly things. You don’t need to va-dazzle yourself, or wear a dress made entirely out of sequents to shine. Shine comes within, but a little sparkle from a pair of diamonds doesn’t hurt either. Pearls are just classic and that’s that. Either diamonds or pearls would look lovely on anyone.

Tip: They don’t need to be real! Faux diamond/pearl earrings are affordable and get the job done to get the look.

8. Natural and Effortless Hair
If you’re afraid of looking at your 1986 high school graduation photo and cringing at the amount of hair and volume, look at some of the earlier times in our history. Before the cosmetic industry, people just wore their hair down, natural. That’s it. How could natural beauty ever go out of style? You don’t need a thousand layers, frosted tips, pin straight hair, teased hair or lest we forget the ‘50’s beehive’.

Tip: Side braids are always really soft, cute, and subtle way to tuck it back effortlessly.

9. A Golden Locket.
Literally timeless. You don’t need a big bold ‘statement’ necklace to make a statement. A dainty pendant or locket is always gorgeous and won’t ever look tacky].

Tip: You can get the first letter of your name engraved on it, or put a photo of your loved one inside to personalize it and make it that much more special.

10. A Cat Eye
Ok maybe this is just me but I love me some cat eye liner. It may have gotten popular in the 50’s, but this is one trend that should stay…for like, ever. It makes the eyes look larger, and with a little mascara, a natural look becomes a little more fierce.

Tip: The ‘wing’ of a cat eye doesn’t need to be half way up your temple. Even a subtle ‘flick’ is lovely.

So these are some of my classic favorites that you might consider next time you go shopping.  Don’t get stuck in a ‘year-sensitive’ fashion trend that looks ridiculous in six months. You don’t have to exhaust yourself keeping up with the latest trends if you are a timeless beauty with style.

Featured image via Clarisse Meyer on Unsplash



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