This Guy Posted A Pic Of His Outfit And Twitter Is Trolling Hard

A man named John, who goes by @lustedafter on Twitter posted a tweet of a lowkey f**kboy outfit and asked the Twitterverse: “I wonder what this guy is doing today.” Not expecting much of a response, mainly because he was being cheeky, he was shocked to see the answers.

And now, he’s getting torn apart.

Here’s the original tweet:

And here are some of the hilarious responses by some pretty angry women who have a few opinions, and a damn good sense of humor (and reality).

Well no, you don’t say…

Jokes on him. He only has high school students liking his photo’s because that’s all he can get, at any age.

Why do guys do this? Yet, they judge us when we go to Starbucks with our friends…

HAHA remember when skinny jeans were a phase?

There’s nothing that wrong with Axe… But have you tried any cologne David Beckham made? It’ll definitely be a hit with the ladies.

Well that just got serious…

First of all, this is hella accurate. And to answer any man asking “do guys really do that?” Yes. They do. And no, it doesn’t feel good. So stop.

And just when you think the women are getting nasty, wait until you see the men…

Did someone just say “daddy’s boy” or “spoiled rich kid”?

And he’s probably bad at it too, and blames his teammates for why he sucks.

LOL Please! He’ll just give up and go with hair gel only at his tips.

He’s a basic white boy.

The man’s probably right…

John is even boasting on how Twitter famous he’s becoming! (For all of the fifteen seconds maybe.)

Now, it’s unsure if the photo is actually of him or maybe one of his friends. It’s obvious a lot of women used this opportunity to make some not so lowkey jabs at this guy to let out some steam about men of the past, and guys are using it to make fun of each other. At least he’s taking it all in good spirit and is finding the humor in the tweet.

Feature image via Twitter


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