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What Having A Dog Has Taught Me About Love

Raising a dog can definitely be a time-consuming and challenging task. It’s a huge responsibility. However, the hard work is totally worth it. Having a dog brings tremendous joy and love into your life. In fact, dog’s can teach you so much about love. I know first hand! Here are just some love lessons I have learned from having a dog in my life, and why you should head on over to your local shelter and adopt one for yourself!

Love Really Is Unconditional

A dog will love you unconditionally! They will always be by your side. This is something that you should always look for in a partner. Your precious furry friend will still love you on your best days and your worst. Your pup will love you regardless of your looks, your money or your body shape. As a result, remembering that unconditional love exists, is definitely a great reminder when you are going through a rough patch in the romance department. Remember, your dog will love you even when you step on his tail accidentally. Isn’t that we strive for in all of our romantic relationships?

Live Life With Excitement

To bring in people that are worthy of your love, you must focus on living your best life. A dog never gets bored with routine, in fact, they thrive in it! Dog’s will always look around at all their surroundings and stay in the present moment instead of getting distracted by other things. As a result, allowing yourself to live in the present provides you with endless opportunities to meet a potential soulmate.

Be Unafraid To Put Yourself Out There

The idea that you shouldn’t talk to strangers on the street fades when you are with your dog. Your pup serves as a conversation starter. Even the most introverted person will have to communicate with strangers when you take your dog out for a walk. As a result, you never know who you might meet.

Boundaries Are Important

Dogs usually do better when they have a structured daily routine. In fact, when dogs are aware of the rules you have established, they will typically be more confident pups and listen to you. When rules are clear, dogs behave well. The same should apply to our romantic relationships. When we enforce clear boundaries in our dating lives, we begin to determine what is and what isn’t acceptable. As a result, setting boundaries are a gateway to healthy romantic relationships and connections.

Appreciate The Little Things

Dogs appreciate the smallest things. A walk around the park? They are so in! They truly appreciate it when you come home to them.  They show that appreciation by bouncing up to you and attacking your face with endless kisses the instant you walk through the door. The same should be said for romantic relationships. If your partner makes small kind gestures like holding the door for you or telling you how good you look, let him know you appreciate his kindness. Instead of bouncing up and down with joy, make him a special dinner or shower him with kisses the next time you see him.

Express Love Every Single Day

Dogs never fail to display their immense love for their owner. Every single day, your dog is there wanting your attention, licking your face before you’ve fully woken up. In our romantic relationships, we should try and show love more often. Just like dogs, being conscious of reminding your partner how much you love them can really go a very long, long way towards creating a healthy romantic relationship.

In the end, having a dog can bring tremendous joy to anyone’s life. In fact, having a dog can teach you so much about yourself and how to be a better partner in your romantic relationships.

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