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6 Movies That Will Get You In The Halloween Spirit

Scarves, leggings, sweaters, and Starbucks…

It’s October! You know what that means… It’s time to get scared for fun. Unwritten is here to tell you what movies you need to watch this month, so you don’t need to do the searching yourself.

Whether you’re looking for something to make you jump or some fall nostalgia we have you covered.

  1. It (2017)

As a classic remake, it is a must-see for anyone preparing for the annual orange holiday. This remake comes around while the hype of Stranger Things is still in the air for many, leaving a handful of references for fans to keep an eye out for. (Pro-tip: Pretend Pennywise is the Demogorgon and it won’t be so scary!)

2. Hocus Pocus (1993)

This movie is Halloween. It’s like the carved-pumpkin to October or the Pumpkin Spice Latte to Starbucks. This movie revolves around three witches, black cats, witchcraft, and laughs.

3. Halloweentown (1998)

Get ready to have a marathon, because it was three sequels! Three children run away to Halloweentown (where their grandmother lives) because they aren’t allowed to celebrate the holiday at home with their parents. This movie isn’t scary, but it sure puts you in the holiday mood.

4. Edward Scissorhands (1990)

Make sure to have some tissue nearby when you’re watching this movie. This is a Halloween version of rom-com. So, if you like romance, and want a movie to put you in the October-fest mood, this is for you.

5. Corpse Bride (2005)

When an adorably shy animated fiance practices his wedding vows in the woods, meets and accidentally marries his very own corpse bride, you can only feel for him as you cuddle up to your cozy fall blankets and hot apple cider. This movie always has the perfect balance between Halloween and love story!

6. Bewitched (2005)

If you watch this movie, you will be wiggling your nose to see if anything happens. Again, this isn’t a spooky movie, but it is a rom-com. Also, Nicole Kidman stars in it, so you just know it will be fab!

And the countdown to Halloween has begun! Now that’s you’ve been briefed on this week’s choice of movies to get you into the swing of things as the leaves start to change, be sure to let us know your favorites and what you recommend. Fall will surely stick around as long as it can so don’t be shy, hunker down with your Pumpkin Spice and make sure you pay your Netflix bill on time!

Collaboration with Cassandra Marie Vella

Featured image via David Menidrey on Unsplash



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