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This Is What We Need To Create A Better World For Ourselves

We live in a world where things can come at a cost. We have to pay for everything, people always act as though you owe them something, and no one goes without judgment. We pay for everything we do whether we like it or not. Because of this, we tend to get angry and bitter. We take our emotions and frustrations out on people. Sometimes we know these people, and sometimes we don’t.

I have experienced this myself. A few months ago a woman was incredibly rude to me in a store and unfortunately, my little sister was there with me. It was a tough experience for me as I have never had that done to me before. At least not by a grown adult. As we walked away, my sister asked me why I didn’t say anything back. I told her that the chances of me seeing that woman again were unlikely, and my reaction would only have made things worst.

It’s in moments like these that we must remember that when people are rude or disrespectful, we have two options. To be rude in return and continue the cycle or let the situation go and come to an end. I was not happy leaving the store that day, but I was happy with how I handled the situation. In a world where we are all paying for something, kindness is free. Sometimes it’s difficult. Sometimes we would rather not be kind. But when someone is in need or someone lashes out at you, the best thing to do is show them kindness. There is no telling what the difference that will make.

It’s not difficult to be nice to other people. Being selfish and bitter won’t get you far in life. Sometimes you have to let go and just be kind. Sweet looks and compliments are free. In the end, being genuinely nice pays off in the end. People will remember when you were nice to them, and it could really brighten someone’s day. I know it brightens my day when people are friendly to me. It’s not difficult to lend someone a hand or say something nice

Some things happen by chance and some things are completely beyond our control. But you can choose to be kind. You can choose love and respect. It won’t hurt you, but it ultimately could change someone’s life. You don’t know what others are going through just as they don’t know what you are going through. So choose kindness always. There is no cost. Be patient with those who are not kind to you, as hard as it may be, remain silent and let it pass. Don’t feed into the cycle of reacting negatively.

Life is short, and in that time we need to be kind and respect one another. The world is unusually scary enough as it is.

I am not perfect, but I do my best to be nice to those I see. I have bad days. I struggle sometimes. I know I really enjoy it when people are kind to me. Be kind to everyone because you never know who may need it. Not everyone will appreciate it, but the people who do will make it all worth it. Kindness is free, so pass it on.

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