Why We Should All Be Afraid For Taylor Swift’s Career

With the brand new release of the first single off Taylor Swift’s new album, Reputation, a lot of buzz about the singer has been going on. She’s been causing quite the stir in the media for everything she does, and she’s reached a peak of new stardom. And if the entire album sounds like “Look What You Made Me Do,” I genuinely feel afraid for her career.

When Taylor Swift started in the music industry, she was a fresh faced, wholesome young girl who wrote about the truth and sung about it majestically. She had the power to entrance us and take us to a new place outside of reality in thoughts, yet was as relatable as our best friend.

The thing fans have loved for all these years is that she’s a storyteller. Most of her songs from the time we heard her first few songs all the way through to the 1989 record consisted of storytelling. Traditionally, that’s a defiant trait of her country roots (for those who don’t listen to country, a lot of songs in the genre strive on being able to tell a story). Taylor possesses that ability as a songwriter, and her fans have loved that about her.

Fans started losing that lovable trait of hers in Red and especially in 1989. And yes, she’s growing as an artist, but the songs she writes are part of why she’s loved so much. Musically speaking, she’s made a flawless transition in genre’s, but her new sound was almost too drastic of a departure. Her latest reinvention, as you want to call it, is seemingly not working.

It’s as if she’s let her stardom and fame get to her head. She’s ditching her image, and her sound is evolving- she’s done that almost flawlessly. But what is with this weird dark, techno stuff? She’s as into her image as the Kardashian’s are and is becoming as strategic as they are in the media. She’s stooping to other people’s low’s to fit in and stay in the game.

She’s the queen of getting back at people who have stabbed her in the past and doing it in a classy way. But her elegant ability is seemingly disappearing based on her publicity stunts, interviews and how she’s starting to handle it in the media. I liked the Taylor who didn’t mention her drama to the news and just released it for a song rather than the Taylor who has to play the paparazzi game to get more attention to keep her reputation alive, and release a trashy wannabe Lorde song. I don’t think I could handle an entire album like that. 

Revenge music on that level does not make great art, it makes the artist look petty and childish. Katy Perry is currently experiencing the same backlash. Clapback tracks are only successful if done maturely, and this seems so immature for Swift. She’s a better artist than that.

My hopes for this album is that it doesn’t sound like a cheap feud firestarter. T. Swift’s music was never considered to be entirely for publicity, but this new single sounds like she’s desperate for people to only be talking about her and not anyone else. It’s a lame attempt she didn’t need to take. The way she has the ability to create social media hype is great enough. I love her teasers, and how strategic she is the way she chooses to release things.

Don’t get me wrong, she is is still as loyal and dedicated to her diehard fans, and I adore that trait about her. No one can ever take away the simple fact that she, as an artist who cares about the ones who made her famous. I have not seen a pop star show she cares for her fans on that personable of a level in a very long time, and her kind and caring heart is an admirable quality about her.

I’m sure when the album comes out in November that it’ll be pretty good, have some lovely songs and some that you just can’t bring yourself to listen to. I’m just fearful that the old Taylor is gone forever because of the fame.

Featured Image via Entertainment Tonight


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