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7 Ways To Finish Off Summer The Right Way

“I’m so happy summer is over,” said nearly no one ever.

Summer is a wonderful time of the year when most of us can set aside school, and sometimes, work, for a long stretch of time, and do some of the fun things we enjoy doing or simply want to do but had the time. Whether it is going to a faraway land, eating new food from another planet, or trying a new activity, summer is the time to get it all in.

Go to a movie drive-in.
I know they’re pretty old fashioned and may be going out of style, but if you look, you may just find. Get a friend, family member, or a significant other and go lay in your car and look at the big screen. Since it doesn’t happen every day, it’s an experience you’re not likely to forget.

Sleep in a hammock.
I know, beds are made for sleeping, but still sleeping in a hammock is the next best thing to camping. Who doesn’t want to do either of them? Get a little shut-eye with nature. Unlike some people, birds don’t really mind you sleeping.

Practice five hairstyles you can use each weekday.
Hair can be a bit of a trip sometimes, so take the last few weeks of summer to practice five cool hairstyles that look good on you. When you’ve got them down pat, use them, one each day, throughout the fall and winter months.

Finish your summer reading list.
Because there’s a Fall and a Winter reading list. Okay, maybe not, but some things are better left done than undone. Starting and finishing a book is one of them. Since you most likely won’t finish reading a 700-page textbook through, you’ll feel a sense of satisfaction getting through that novel or self-help book.

Watch a sunrise or sunset.
Most of the time, we’re probably too busy to watch the sun rise or set, but just for once before all the cool, cold, snowy weather sets in, take a few minutes to watch the sun rise in the morning and/or set at night.

Create a new music playlist.
There’s a summer playlist and a workout playlist and a back to school playlist and a playlist for almost every other occasion. Go through your favorite songs and select those that are perfect for the coming Fall season.

Take a yoga class.
Even if it is just one.

These are only seven different activities to do before the summer months end, but there are multiple others. The most important thing to remember is to choose something that you enjoy and continue doing that task. Summer only lasts so long and if you do the events you don’t like doing, you’re practically throwing away the rest of your summer, so, create your own list. That’s it, grab a piece of paper and a pen, and start writing. Create a list and follow it. Plan your own end of summer activities and use this one as a guide in case you get stuck. Happy end of summer, and say hello to those fall and winter months soon to come.

Featured image via Victor Freitas on Pexels



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