This 35-Minute Workout Will Torch A Ton Of Calories

We have made it to the middle of summer, the days are longer, which means so is your to-do list. It can be tough to try to fit in an hour workout on top of your other obligations. Sometimes we can’t make it to the gym. Don’t worry. These exercises will burn more calories and torch fat in just 35 short minutes at home. This intense full-body workout is designed to maximize your body’s calorie burning capacity in a short time period. Grab some water, you’re going to need it!

Warm-up – 5 minutes

I recommend completing a five-minute warm up before doing this workout. Jumping jacks, squats and alternating lunges are good movements to incorporate.

The workout:

PART 1: Tabata cardio – 8 minutes

The first section of the workout will get your heart rate up and have you sucking the wind. Perform the following exercises with maximum effort for 20 seconds and then rest for five seconds before moving onto the next exercise. Repeat entire sequence three times.

  1. Jumping jacks
  2. Burpees
  3. Squats
  4. Lunge jumps
  5. Commandos
  6. Mountain climbers

PART 2: Metabolic blasts – 18 minutes

This section of the workout is designed to tone your muscles while burning off fat. You can do these exercises with or without weights.

Set your timer for one minute. Perform each exercise for about one minute before moving onto the next.  

Set A: 1 minute – Repeat this set two times before moving onto “Set B”

Long jumps

Glute bridges

Donkey kicks

Set B: 1 minute – Repeat this set two times before moving onto “Set C”


Bird dogs


Set C: 1 minute – Repeat this set two times

Triceps dips 


Toe reaches/V-up

Prisoner squats

Stretch it out – 5 minutes

It’s important to take at least five minutes to stretch after you complete this workout. Your body deserves it. Stretching consistently will help to rebuild muscle and you won’t be as sore from your workout the next morning.

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