Why Millennials Need To Give Up Their Sense Of Entitlement

There is a problem with the millennial generation that has concerned me for a while. As hard-working and successful as some young adults may be, there is a horrible sense of entitlement that derives from the attitudes of people within this age group. Now, this does not apply to everyone. There are some wonderful millennials just as there may be horrible people in other generations, but as many people on the Western side of the world have noticed, it seems to be this young adult age group that possesses this horrible attitude.

So, to those people, there are a few things myself and others would like to tell you.

Get over yourself!

Why do you believe that you are above everyone else around you to the point of speaking down to your peers and diminishing any sense of equality that others have been trying to build over the last few decades? You do not possess any qualities or features that make you any better than those around you. Whether they are older, younger, or the same age as you, treat them with respect because you don’t just automatically deserve theirs, and this leads me into the next point which is:

You don’t deserve anything!

There are an awful amount of people who automatically believe that they are entitled to anything and everything they want. Whether it is a ticket into a show, an object of desire, or their opinion about something not even remotely related to them, they believe they are entitled to have it. Many young adults act as if they should be first in line for absolutely everything, and this is just an unacceptable attitude. You are not the most important person in the world, so don’t pretend like you deserve anything.

Not everything is about you!

Everyone is so horribly sensitive these days. It feels like no one can make any comment on the internet without someone twisting their words to make it about themselves. Young adults need to realize that not everything that is said is an attack on them. To be honest, no one on the internet knows you or cares, so stop making a pity party and victimizing yourself about everything that is said, written, or pictured on the internet.

These are three most common areas with the entitlement attitude that seems to have possessed the lives of young adults in the Western side of the world. I hope this short rant will help people understand that they need to start treating other people with the same dignity and respect that they wish to get from others. So pull your underwear back on, and lose that negative attitude that you are not entitled to.

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