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6 Pieces Of Clothing You Need To Steal From Your Mom’s Closet

As cheesy as this is to admit, my mom is without a doubt one of my best friends. She is my shoulder to cry on, one of the first people I go to for positive or negative news and someone I just count on in every sector of life. As I’ve grown up our friendship has only grown and become an even bigger part of my life.

One of the ways in which our friendship shines is because of our ability to swap clothing. After outgrowing my older sister significantly in height, I was no longer able to share clothing with her. Soon enough I discovered that my mom’s closet was the absolute next best thing. However, as I’ve aged, I’ve started to realize that mom’s closet is actually the best thing. Here are 6 articles of clothing we should all raid our mother’s closet for and why:

  1. Blouses:
    As a student, I don’t own many shirts or really many beautiful articles of clothing at all. Yet, time and time again, occasions such as interviews, conferences or presentations have popped up where I’ve been in desperate need of a blouse. With a small or nearly non-existent budget, my mom’s closet is the first place I run to in these cases.
  2. Jackets:
    Aside from my winter jacket and maybe a jean jacket, my options are pretty slim. I grew up extremely involved in sports, so I have an overabundance of wind suit jackets, but when you’re 21 and trying to look semi professional, those don’t quite cut it. The solution is to head straight into your mom’s closet.
  3. Casual Dresses:
    Most of the clothes I collected over the years for weddings or semi formals, I’ve outgrown or outworn. However, investing in clothes that you may only find the need to wear once and are quite expensive, sometimes doesn’t seem too appealing. Swapping with friends is a great solution, but sometimes when you just need a casual dress, the best place to go is your mom’s closet.
  4. Jewelry:
    I don’t know if this is just me, but half my jewelry is either intended for a ten-year-old or meant for a night out clubbing. Either way, attending your boyfriend’s parent’s brunch decked out in a choker, probably isn’t the way to go. Lucky for us, our moms have acquired a much simpler and more elegant taste in jewelry over the years.
  5. Scarves:
    My collection of scarves may be practical and prepare me for all the severe Canadian weather I have to deal with. However, they certainly don’t allow me to appear as anything aside from a walking fluffy snowman. My mom’s scarves, on the other hand, are beautiful, colorful and outright flattering. They turn winter into an accessory instead of a hazard, which makes them always, always worth stealing.
  6. Shoes:
    I don’t know about every other student out there, but I own more pairs of sneakers and Keds than I probably need. When suddenly an occasion arises where the cut of jeans and sneakers aren’t acceptable, I pretty much have no choice but to run to my mom’s closet.

If this list wasn’t enough to prove it to you, next time you’re struggling to find what to wear, don’t just ask your mom for an opinion, ask for access to her closet. Trust me when I tell you her clothing will either directly influence what you buy next or give you a solution to your clothing right then and there. As I always say to my mom, I’ll supply the hoodies if she provides the real adult clothing. If we are being honest, she has mastered adulthood, and I’ve barely scratched the surface, so I prefer to follow her lead.

Feature image via Burgess Milner on Unsplash



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