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Beyond The Surface: 4 Lessons Makeup Teaches You

Makeup is something women across the world use every day. There’s cheap makeup, expensive makeup, and then there’s luxury makeup that someone like me will never be able to afford. Makeup is so much more than surface level products. Makeup has taught me so much about self-confidence and self-expression.

My love for makeup (as well as my makeup collection) has dramatically increased in the past year. I can’t tell you how many hundreds of dollars I have spent on makeup this year. Some would say this is pointless, I say it is the best investment I have ever made.

Makeup taught me that what’s on the inside is the most important thing.

Makeup is great. It allows you to cover up flaws and create a look all your own. It gives you confidence. After spending all this time watching YouTube videos and wearing my own makeup, I have learned that people care more about your character and personality that how long your lashes are of how perfect your face looks. True beauty comes from within.

Embrace your features.

Makeup has taught me that if there are features you love, you can highlight them. Makeup allows you to do some amazing things. Makeup can’t change the structure of your face, but it can allow you to show off the features you love and camouflage the ones you aren’t necessarily fond of. One of the best things about makeup is it allows you to show off your uniqueness. It’s not about hiding your features, it’s about embracing them.

Makeup taught me how to express myself.

Just like the clothes you wear, makeup is an expression of who you are. Whether you are soft or bold, makeup can help express that. It’s a great way to reinvent yourself every morning. Makeup is a form of artwork. It’s how many people choose to express themselves. Regardless of how you feel, makeup can help express and mood or emotion.

Makeup is not necessary.

I don’t wear makeup every day. And sometimes I just do minimal makeup. And sometimes my makeup can get pretty bold. But I understand that no matter what, at the end of the day it’s going to come off. But that doesn’t change who I am. Just as putting it on doesn’t change who I am. Not everyone likes and wears makeup. And that’s okay. But for those who do, it is a great boost of confidence and a beautiful way to create something new.

Wearing makeup does not make me insecure. It does not mean I am trying to hide something or be “fake”. It simply means that I want to embrace the features I love about myself and draw less attention to the ones that I don’t. I can feel confident with a full face of makeup and with none on at all. It’s all about how I feel that day. It’s not a part of my everyday routine, but it is something I have grown to love doing.

Makeup does not make you beautiful – it enhances the beauty that is already there.

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