Why We Need To Stop Looking At The World Through Our Phones

The world is a beautiful place. It’s full of wonders and opportunities. It can be scary, but ultimately it is full of life and love. We live in a society that often likes to show us the bad things. They use them as marketing strategies, campaign policies, and schemes to make us think we need to invest in certain things to make it better. The truth is: if we all stopped trying so hard to live up to someone else’s standards and way of life, we would be alright.

Today, we are living in a world that depends on cell phones and social media. And in many ways that is great. However, it becomes a problem when all of our posts, shares, tweets, and stories get in the way of our lives. Most of the time we aren’t showing our true selves on any platform. We use filters to make sure everything is neat, clean, and picture perfect. We don’t want anyone to know who we truly are because we know they are judging us.

Social media has torn down our youth. What was once a great way to communicate and keep up with the people close to us is now used to stalk, judge, and manipulate people; most of whom we don’t even know. Cyberbullying continues to be on the rise. It’s an issue without a clear solution. No one really knows what’s going on until it’s too late.

Through all of this and more, we are missing out on what the world has to offer us. Perhaps if we look up every now and then we would see that the world isn’t all that bad and we really aren’t all that different. We have grown dependent on technology as our source of news, entertainment, and the way we see the world. Having all this stops us from ever having to go out and actually experience anything.

The world and its happenings are documented for us. Now you can see most anything live from your living room. All of our social media platforms know what we like, what we want, and how to use that to make us keep coming back for more. But we don’t need updates and more features.

We need to look outside and see the world.

We need to go places and meet people. We need to learn how to live our own lives and not let other people set those standards.

Living life on your phone only allows other people to tell you who you are and what you are. Your life is defined by how much time you spend on your phone, what you use it for, and how many likes and followers you have. Who you are as a person plays no role. Most jobs now pay more attention to your social media accounts than they do who you present yourself to be.

If you put your phone down every now and then and enjoy the moment you are in you might see what the world is presenting to you. You might see the opportunities.

Having a phone isn’t bad. Having social media isn’t bad. But sometimes we get so caught up in what is going on in other people’s lives that we forget what is going on in our own lives. Don’t let your social media define you. Don’t let other people know everything going on in your life. It’s only allowing judgement and insecurity.

Just look up. See what the world offers and what you are capable of. If you look down forever, you might miss so many things.

Featured Image via Unsplash.


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