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7 Things To Do When You Need To Have A “Me” Day

Finding time to have a day completely dedicated to yourself pretty much seems impossible. I even find it difficult, and I have no kids or significant other. Between work, school, and trying to retain some semblance of a social life, it can be difficult. After all the waiting and the wanting, if you finally get to have a day set aside entirely for yourself, you don’t want to be stuck unsure of what to do.

Here are 7 things you should do when you’re having a “me” day:

  1. Self Care: Do one, two, or even all of the little things that make you feel better about yourself on a daily basis. If that means painting your nails or doing your eyebrows, just do whatever suits you. Take an hour or two of your time just to get it all done so that after your day is over you can go forward feeling good about yourself.
  2. Meal Prep: Cut up so fruits and veggies for the week, cook up some chicken, or prep a large salad. Regardless of what you put together, your future self will thank you for taking the time to make their life that much easier. Plus, it’s nice to cook when you aren’t in a rush and can snack along the way!
  3. Have A Drink: This doesn’t have to be alcoholic, but I mean it can be if you’d like it to be! Grab a glass of wine or a refreshing cool beer. Make a delicious smoothie or homemade milkshake. If you’re feeling really motivated, take the time to make yourself a pina colada! This is a reward for all the hard work you do every day, sit down and enjoy!
  4. Physical Activity: It doesn’t particularly matter what form of physical activity you choose, what matters is that you engage in some form of it. Our physical and mental health is so tightly connected that we often forget how drastically one can affect the other. Taking some time to go for a walk or do some yoga can take a huge weight off our minds. It can also help us feel better and more energetic for the days to come!
  5. Meditation: Take as little as five minutes to focus entirely on being still and at peace. I personally love guided meditation as I find it impossible to clear my mind, and this way it simply directs my thoughts. However, any kind of meditation works! It will leave you feeling at ease and significantly less stressed than you were before.
  6. Art: Do whatever art means to you. If that means painting, grab an empty canvas. Maybe for you, that is drawing or writing. Regardless, take some time to express yourself creatively. It’s good for your mind to be challenged to think innovatively. Thinking outside the box outside brings out the best sides of yourself.
  7. Relax: Last, but not least, relax! Sit down and read a book or watch TV. Take some time to take your mind off of reality and the stresses of everyday life. We spend all day working and trying to make our futures easier, but sometimes we need to take time to make right now easier. Ease your mind, however you want.

These days are few and far between. When they do occur, it feels like they fly by before we even manage to get anything done that we wanted to. In order to get a jump start on your day, start tackling this list as soon as possible! Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves, and what better way than to spend some time rejuvenating and pulling yourself together.

Featured image via Roberto Nickson on Unsplash



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