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8 Non-Traditional Yoga Classes You Need To Try ASAP

Yoga, a once hippy-centric practice which is now becoming increasingly mainstream as a means to both physical and mental wellbeing. We could all use a little more zen in our everyday lives, often dominated by the stresses and strains of workplace pressure. A bit more mindfulness doesn’t go amiss as we over analyze social media, relationships, and friendships. If you think you’re more Yogi Bear than bendy-goddess, think again, you don’t need the tie-dye shirt to own the lifestyle, and it’s great for your general well-being. New and innovative ways to practice yoga emerging by the day and there really is something for everyone, check out these unique types of practice to find the best way to get your zen on.

Doga: Coupling our fave furry friends with some mindful practice

Bring your pup along to this dog-friendly class, an ideal way to bond with your best friend as you pull yoga poses and massage your pup. Beneficial to both parties, and a great way to bond, the presence of the canine chums helps to relax the yogi-humans, and helps the dog’s digestive system!

Laughter Yoga: Stretching your face

This practice is based on the notion of dedicating time to simply laughing as a means to let go of negativity and release positive hormones. So if you want to work on the mental benefits more than the physical, check it out and come ready for a giggle.

SUP Yoga: Like Stand-Up Paddleboard, not like ‘heyyyy, what’s up?’

If you haven’t been stand-up paddleboarding, this one might get off to a rocky start. Practicing yoga on a paddleboard offers a very relaxing environment, and an easy way to cool off, but if it’s your first time, don’t be afraid to dive in (as you will most probably fall!). The health benefits are huge, as this really enhances the impact on your core strength through the additional balance needed to strike those poses on the water.

Goat Yoga: No, I’m not ‘kid’-ding

Picture it, you’re doing yoga, and goats are running around you – you cannot help but smile right? Well, that’s kinda the point, it’s a great way to disconnect and have a laugh, relieving some stress en-route. No different to normal yoga other than you’re probably on a farm, and there are goats (so it’s waaay better than normal yoga, actually).

Aerial Yoga: Yoga’s version of joining the circus

You strap yourself into tight-rope like bands, which dangle from the ceiling, and pull up some yoga positions whilst using the straps to support yourself. You sort of learn how to fly, it’s all very cool, but you might want to get to grips with yoga on terra-firma first, at least a little bit.

Karaoke Yoga: Free your vocal chords

I mean there is no better way to let go of negative thoughts than to sing your heart out right? Combine yoga with some casual karaoke (simultaneous practices) and find some inner peace whilst surrounded by outer-not-so-peaceful vibes?

Naked Yoga: Getting bendy minus the yoga pants

Yup, that’s actually a thing, no it’s not sexual, and yes it could be a bit awkward if you accidently catch someone’s downward facing dog from the wrong angle. BUT the whole idea is based around the concept of letting go of body-hang ups and being comfortable in your own skin. If you came for the funky yoga leggings, this one is not for you.

Beer Yoga: Yes, I saved the best for last

The latest craze in London and beyond is a form of yoga that involves pulling poses with your beer bottle (and yes, you get to drink it throughout). If none of the above tickle your fancy, I know I have you on board with this one, so crack a bottle open and get stretchin’! (Warning, you may be asked to balance the beer on your head or another body part, it is advisable to drink as much as you can prior to this, to avoid wasting good beer).

So that’s it, there is definitely a type of yoga for everyone. If you’re freaking out about being the least bendy member of the class, remember that everyone started once, and they’re so far into their zen-zones that they don’t care what you’re doing (if they’re good yogis, they should be!).

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Featured image via “Goat Yoga at the Denver County Fair” by watsonsinelgin / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0



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