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7 Common Misconceptions About Your Boobs, Debunked

People will believe ANYTHING.

We’ve been told all sorts of lies about our boobs, some that are crazy to believe — working out, and gaining and losing weight, can make our boobs bigger, or smaller. Sometimes, we believe we can change our breast size by the way we sleep.
What IS true? Not very much. And it’s already hard enough to separate the truth from the lies:

1. You can workout to make your boobs bigger or smaller.

Women who find their breasts too big think that they can do a specific kind of cardio to lose their breast fat. And women who find their breasts too small often feel they can exercise in other ways where they can build muscle to make their chest appear larger.
This simply isn’t true, says Mischaela Advani, creator of Bollywood Ballet. Body fat accumulations do vary by person, but you can’t workout in such a way reduce any part of the body.

2. Gaining weight automatically equals bigger boobs.

This is a lie, just as losing weight makes them smaller. Fat gets distributed differently in everyone, each time. That cheeseburger may just go to your ass, not your cup size.

3. Your breasts are the same size.

Your breasts aren’t twins, but they are sisters.

“Every set of breasts is asymmetrical to some degree. Some people can visually (or manually) detect differences in size and shape, but they’re usually the only ones who notice — partners and admirers are too busy enjoying them to care,” says Sexologist, Dr. Jess.

4. Sleeping in your bra makes your breasts perkier.

Nope. Not true; this is just a myth. But it will make bedtime more uncomfortable. Want perkier breasts? Go for a bra fitting and find the perfect size for you.

5. Your breast size is permanent.

It makes sense that breast size fluctuates with weight changes, but hormonal changes in the body (e.g. at menopause) also have an impact on the volume, density, and shape of your breasts. Over the course of your adult lifetime, you may wear 7-8 different bra sizes, says Dr. Jess.
Clearly, your boobs change size over time.

6. It doesn’t matter what type of bra you wear during physical exercise.

“Breasts may feel sore after performing an upper body workout, so make sure to wear proper breast supports, especially with high-intensity exercises. The bra should be fitted underneath the breast and provide enough coverage and support,” says Dr. Sarah Rachel.

7. Men prefer bigger boobs.

Some do, and some like smaller ones. It all depends on the person. But mostly, you want a guy who likes YOU, not what’s under your bra.

The best thing to do is love yourself, surround yourself with people who appreciate you for who you are, and stop consuming media that makes you feel bad about who you are. Beauty comes in A cups, B cups, and G cups, and even better … strength and health come in all cup sizes, too.

Originally published on YourTango by Aly Walansky

Featured image via Dainis Graveris on Unsplash, Sexual Alpha



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