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Why You Need To Set Realistic Goals For Yourself

Ambition is quite the important factor in life. Everything you do should and does have ambition you create goals, therefore, you the ambition to make them happen.

You probably read this title thinking it is one of those positive reinforcement blogs and you’re right because we all need goals and they are important. Most of you have had goals since you were born; your parents planned out your future before you were even out of the womb and when you came into the world those plans began to grow, shift, and become reality.

Now that you’re older and independent, you’re creating your own goals, to essentially stay sane. Not that you’re crazy but in all honestly life is crazy. Things change all the time and we never know why, when, or how so having goals allows for a sense of control, control over our lives. Yes, life is short but sometimes we have to do things we do not really want to do, sometimes we have to stay at a job we dread because we need money for the next goal. Sometimes we postpone events due to family, school, or work but as long as you know you have goals to reach, you’re all set.

Since being a child I was also told to reach for the stars because they’re not that far away, so I grew up with dreams. It is such an incredible state of mind to be in and a great feeling when you reach a goal you’ve had for such a long time and then life becomes easy, for a little bit at least.

Setting these goals for yourself allows for your mind to grow because, yes, you do have a strict goal but you also have time. You have a finish line but that finish line changes as you get closer to it; it’s distance and location move as your dreams change which allows your goals to change and that is more than okay.

Some people get very discouraged when they don’t hit a certain goal but they don’t realize the power behind that. Not reaching a certain goal allows for more open doors to reach your next goal. Plus who knows, who knows if you were even supposed to reach that goal. Who knows if not reaching that goal allowed you to understand your true goal, your true potential. Who knows if not reaching that goal allowed for you to be at the right place at the right time to understand a different aspect of yourself.

To the people who don’t have goals in life and are living just to live I have a question for you; why? I mean it’s okay, don’t get me wrong, but why? Why not live to create a story. Why not live to brag about your life to someone one day. Why not feel meaningful. It’s such a happier way of living, take my word on it.

Appreciation is one of the worlds greatest gifts.

A note to the people who do have goals I say thank you, and good for you. Thank you for trying to be the best possible you. Thank you for reaching for those stars and realizing that dreams are almost the same as goals. Thank you for giving your life a purpose of which you desire it to be. Good for you because that’s awesome. It’s incredible actually, to live for a reason. It just blows my mind that people can accomplish what they need to. Good for you because you’re creating a better you, a you that one day you’re going to look back on and say “Yes, yes I have grown and yes I am better, yes I love myself then and now, but even more now because I’ve accomplished what I wanted to accomplish”.

To everyone reading, I suggest one thing because it truly does help. Create a vision board. This is a board with either pictures or words posted on it for just you to see. Create what you want on it or around your room, set your goals realistically the first time you set them. Having goals in your head is great but if they get pushed to the back when you are busy, having the ability to wake up every morning and see those goals… it just makes you want more of it, you want those pictures or words to be where you are.

Just remember goals and dreams can be the same thing and they’re easier to accomplish than you think. Just remember one at a time.

Ignite your ambition, ignite your passions, ignite your spark, ignite your dreams and start your reality. If you can dream it, you can achieve it!

Featured image via Nicole Geri on Unsplash



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