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5 Ways To Have The Perfect Girls’ Night In

During this month of love, many single folks turn to their friends for comfort and companionship and a good way to celebrate these friendships is to host a girl’s night in. There are plenty of ways to enjoy time with your best friends without spending too much money or even leaving the house. Here are some great ideas for a memorable and exciting girl’s night without having to hit the town in your heels. In fact, comfort is key, so slip on your coziest PJs and slippers and let the fun and games begin.

Drinking games

The possibilities here are endless. Drinking games are probably one of the most popular and entertaining ways in which to past time these days, and you will be able to enjoy a ton of options. If you are looking to spend some money, some board games can be purchased at retail stores or online, while those looking for options that are more frugal can research DIY drinking games, which could be even more fun. Some of the most popular choices include board games like Monopoly, 30 Seconds, or Pictionary, which are a blast whether you are drunk or not. Or you can try beer pong, flip cup and more.

Movie marathon

Pair your drinking games with some of your all-time favorite rom-coms and enjoy one of the most memorable and entertaining nights of your life. We all love our chick flicks, and a good idea would be to pick an era and roll with it. Perhaps you enjoy the classics of the 80s like Sixteen Candles, When Harry Met Sally, Say Anything, or even 90s masterpieces like Pretty Woman, Love Actually, and the tear-jerker that is The Notebook (who can say no to some Ryan Gosling?). And then there is the 21st Century, which brought its own magic in the form of He’s Just Not That Into You, 500 Days of Summer, Crazy Stupid Love (Ryan Gosling again), and the comedy to end all comedies – Bridesmaids. And if watching the movie is not enough, you can take your love of Bridesmaids further by playing the Bridesmaids online slot game at Roxy Palace Casino.

Cooking class/Bake-off

Why not put your culinary skills to the test by setting up a station for you and your friends in the kitchen. Exchange recipes and bake up a storm, or even get competitive with a cooking competition. And the best part? You get to sample the creations once everything is done.


Makeovers are one of those things that are just as much fun giving as they are getting. YouTube is a treasure trove of inspiring videos filled with beauty and style tips and tutorials. You can honestly spend months going through the multitude of YouTube clips available on the subject. Why not pick some of your best makeup, hair and beauty tutorials and enjoy a fun-filled night of makeovers, whether it’s trying out some cool nail art designs or practicing that beautiful waterfall braid that you never quite mastered. The options are endless!

DIY Spa Night

What better way to relax with your girls than by enjoying a top class at-home spa treatment. You can book a massage therapist to join the shenanigans, or alternatively, you can steal some DIY beauty and healthy tips from magazines or online. If you prefer the DIY route, simply open your kitchen cupboards or fridge and you will find a host of natural beauty ingredients that you can use for your treatments, including honey, baking soda, and more.

Who says you need to get all dolled up and spend a ton of money in order to have fun? These fun ideas make great recipes for a night you’ll want to do over and over again. Grab your best girlfriends, your favorite bottles of wine (or anything else, really), and get ready for a killer girls night in! I know I’d take a face mask and a bottle of Merlot over a sweaty night at a bar.

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