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6 Foodie Trends That Need To Die ASAP

There is a lot going on right now that has led to this obsession with food; one of them being social media and the other being fitness. Combining the two has made foodie monsters out of every wannabe there is! There has been a surge in Instagram accounts, Facebook profiles, and all those other ways one can create an online presence, that has focused on food. I won’t lie, though; I’m guilty of posting a #foodgram from time to time but there are a few things I’m sick of seeing.

All your meal prep Tupperware. I get it. You have a lot of free time and like to eat the same leftovers for a few days in a row. Yes, you’re also being health conscious and saving money, which I can appreciate, but an aerial shot of plastic filled with chicken and rice is not all that appealing.

Fruit-stuffed inside another fruit. These photos always look stunning! It’s like this beautiful girl with long flowing hair and/or in adorable workout clothes, holding a colorful masterful piece. How do you eat that? It’s way too pretty, first of all. Second, of all, it looks so overstuffed.

Everything but the kitchen sink spread on toast. Putting spread on your toast is not new, you say. I know. But peanut butter is one thing, avocado mash or greek yogurt or pureed fruit is another. When do people have time for these things in the morning? I thought toast was a quick 2 step breakfast process.

Extravagant desserts that go to waste. I am the first to jump on the desserts train. However, there are some that are so extreme I get diabetes from just liking the picture. I will indulge every now and again, but the places like Black Tap or Levain Bakery in NYC create these treats bigger than a girl’s face and she can’t finish them and her heart breaks with each bite left behind.

A donut with too much going on. Again, I love me some sugary goodness but when did getting a plain donut with coffee escalate to cream filled with croissant dough and 7 colors of sprinkles on top? I swear these donut shops create baked good solely from their Instagram value. Get over yourselves.

Videos that make recipes seem like a cake walk. Pun intended. I have tried at least a dozen of these; none are as easy as they look and none come out as pretty. Those videos give you a false sense of confidence. They are also very hard to follow along with since they go at light speed while you are a mere mortal trying to keep up. Pausing every few seconds makes the process a bit more tedious than expected.

Maybe it’s because I’m jealous of the cooking skills others have. Maybe it’s because I’m jealous other people get 200+ likes on their yogurt parfait photo while mine only has 30. Maybe it’s because I wish I ate those colorfully healthy and colorfully unhealthy foods more often. Whichever it may be, these foodie trends have gotten very out of hand.

Featured image via Victor Gomes on Pexels



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