10 Things That Are Infinitely Better Than Dating

Falling in love with singledom is uncommon for girls in their twenties. The pressure to be coupled up is everywhere; from family, friends to social media. In fact, the majority of people I know are in relationships, and if not, they are avidly looking for one.

So this cuffing season, instead of trying to find the perfect guy to cuddle up with on those cold winter nights, remember all of the relationships you could be enjoying that don’t involve a man.

1. Dogs

Dogs will love you unconditionally. What else can you ask for in a relationship?

2. Wine

Wine is always there for you during those lonely nights in, crazy nights out, or painful family gatherings. Unlike a guy, it will never make you spend weekends with its mother-in-law.

3. Travel

Like any relationship, travel has its ups and downs but in the end, it helps to make you a better person and will leave you with a lifetime of amazing memories.

4. Work

Instead of stopping you from following your passions, your work will encourage you to go after the crazy goals and dreams you set for yourself.

5. Friends

Carrie said it best “maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with.”

6. Your Bed

Your bed will never ghost you and will always welcome you with open arms after a long day.

7. Books

Boys in books are better.

8. Netflix

Jim Halpert will never fail to make you laugh and always gives the best Christmas presents.

9. Food

Ice cream, pizza, sandwiches, chocolate whatever it may be, food will never leave you feeling unsatisfied, unlike the guy laying next to you in bed.

10. Yourself

There’s no better, or more fulfilling relationship than the one you have with yourself.
To all my single ladies out there remember that there is more than one kind of relationship that can make you happy. So don’t take your single status for granted. Enjoy the various relationships around you and all the amazing things you get out of them. This is the most freedom you will ever have, so be grateful. You are a strong independent woman who don’t need a man!

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