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7 Things You Want Him To Know But Will Never Say

You don’t want to hear it, but she is wearing her heart on her sleeve.
Everything is transparent when it comes to her, but you aren’t looking close enough. She may smile, but inside it is a different story. Everything is not okay.
She puts on a mask to hide her emotions; it is all a facade.
Women are stronger than they may look. They don’t show as much emotion as they would like to. They hold back from you. They are afraid to let you know the truth. I am not.
She is tired of being a side note in someone else’s love story; the maid of honor to all the brides. The one taking the photographs and watching love happen from the sidelines. She may tell you that she doesn’t want that kind of life, but she does more than ever. She wants it all. The can’t eat, can’t sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, World Series kind of love.
She doesn’t want to be stuck in the grey area – he area that needs to be defined. The area where she is left uncertain of what she is doing and if she is enough. She’s not comfortable there. She may tell you she is fine with going with the flow, but she isn’t. She wants security: she wants to know she is yours.
She isn’t happy being the girl you only remember when you are drunk. The girl that is good for those late nights. She wants more. She will always want more. She may tell you she likes the spontaneity, but she likes the planned dates and daylight hours more. She needs a plan, and she wants you to be part of the bigger plan.
She isn’t okay with the dark space in time where you forget about her. The moments when she thinks you could be gone. She just wants to know you are out there. She just wants to know that you are okay. You may think it’s okay to go weeks without talking, but she is waiting by the phone, jumping at every vibration. She wants to know that you are out there in the world, thinking of her the way she thinks about you.
She doesn’t want to ask for much; The needy girl isn’t flattering. She doesn’t want to ask you to do things. She just wants you to follow through. She may act like it is no big deal to cancel plans, but inside you are breaking her a little bit more.  She just wants you to put forth the effort that she does. So just make an attempt.
She isn’t asking that you to stop living your life for her, just acknowledge that she’s yours. She would love you to brag about her. She wants you to show her off once in a while. Every time you don’t take her out with your friends, she becomes more and more insecure. She just wants you to show some pride with her. Be proud you have a great girl by your side.
She wants to know that you want her. She wants to know this is more than just a fling. She may not say that she wants this to last, but she is really trying to make it work with you – no matter how much it hurts.
She is afraid to tell you these things because she is scared things will change. She is nervous to say these things because she is fearful she will lose her chance. She is hesitant to utter these words, because she doesn’t want to feel empty. She doesn’t want to lose you.
Don’t leave her hanging. Don’t leave her feeling lost. Don’t leave her looking for more. She doesn’t say the things you don’t want to hear because she knows she can do better, but that means she will be alone again.
Featured image via Zachary Staines on Unsplash



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