When You Stop Liking The Person You See In The Mirror

This poem was inspired by that moment, while you’re growing up when you look in the mirror and see someone who isn’t really you. Whether that be from too much makeup, from odd clothes, from the way you’ve been acting, or even your mental health, that moment is a dark one. It’s scary, but trust me, you can get through it. You’ll come out stronger than you were ever before.

When you stop liking the person in the mirror —
if the light in your eyes has stopped shining,
your cheeks have sunk in,
you have become unrecognizable to yourself —
Undress yourself.
The skin you’re in is no longer home;
The rent is too high,
And at some point,
it is too much to pay.

Undress yourself.
Close your eyes.
If the reflection in the mirror doesn’t match
the image in your mind,
Keep undressing.
You are not meant to stay the same
not meant to never change, grow, rebirth.

Remind yourself of who you used to be,
Who you want to be.

Undress yourself, because
When you stop liking the person in the mirror
if your reflection changes,
your heart no longer beats the same drum,
you have become lost —
Take a step back.
Undress yourself.

Featured image via Vince Fleming on Unsplash


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