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Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty For Stalking Your Ex On Social Media

I’ve always been a fan of cutting ties and not looking back when it comes to exes. This stands true today, because I don’t talk to a single one. It’s the only way to get over someone and there’s no way to be “just friends” with someone who you had an intimate relationship with. One of the first things people do after a relationship is delete their ex off social media. I support this 100%. It’s already hard enough to stop thinking about them, but it’s harder to see their Snapchat story of them drunk at a bar with someone else…your mind can’t help but wonder what they’ll be doing afterwards. However, after a little while, when you’re not crying anymore and you start to think about them in a curious way, you want to look them up and here’s five reasons you should.

1. It can give you closure

Sometimes relationships are ended out of nowhere; you were blindsided and really didn’t know what to do. The person who broke up with you probably gave you few reasons as to why they were doing it. When you creep on them, you get to find out if they really did what they said they we’re going to do. Did they take that new job they said they would? Did they move like they we’re going to? It’s actually really healing when they did all the things they told you about. You know they weren’t lying when y’all broke up. It just happened because you both wanted different futures.

2. You get to find out if they’re still single

Maybe you’re living the single life and loving it, or maybe you’ve found a really great person and have settled down (a little). Either way, you find out there isn’t a main lady in their life and it makes you feel good. Probably because no other woman would put up with the shit you put up with. But most importantly he knows you’re the best he’ll ever have. Why would he continue to date, if he already knows he’s had the best?

3. When you no longer find them attractive

I don’t know what it is, but time has a funny way of changing appearances. Maybe he has a horrible new haircut, he’s gained 20 lbs, or even worse, a beard! You just really can’t understand why you thought he was so hot back in the day! Maybe you were blinded by love! Whatever it is, you feel great about yourself because right now, you’re looking hotter than ever…oh and he knows it!

4. You see them with someone else

This can be bittersweet, sometimes seeing your ex with a new girl can kill you. For me, it has the opposite effect! It makes you feel really bad for that poor girl. Now she has to put up with him! Maybe you know her and she’s not a very nice person, and you realize he has to deal with her now. All around it just makes you feel better that he’s no longer your responsibility, that he simply will never meet someone so amazing as you and no one will treat him better than you did. We all know he already realizes this!

5. You find out their life really isn’t all that great

I’m not saying you should jump for joy now that your ex is having a hard time. But maybe you realized that they were toxic for you and now you don’t have to deal with. That’s the best feeling, when you know there was a good reason you’re not with them anymore and their life decisions just confirms it for you. Maybe they wanted to control you or it was their way or the highway. It doesn’t matter because karma finally took care of them and you don’t have to anymore. 

It really doesn’t matter how your relationship ended. You’re always going to be naturally curious about your ex and what they ended up doing. If you ended things as friends, it will be great to see them doing well. If they were the biggest asshole you’ve ever met in your life… it solidifies you made a great decision to leave the relationship when you see their life is shit now. So go Facebook stalk because it just might give you the closure you never got from that previous relationship, or the breakup just might seem more clear to you than ever before. Happy Facebook stalking!

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