8 Little Things In A Relationship That Add Up In A Big Way

I feel like a lot of men think that to impress a woman, they need to put on some kind of extraordinary, never seen before, type of event to impress her. Thanks to our current society and the messages sent through popular culture and various mediums, men think that they need to perform some big Disney prince type of charade in order to make their ‘princess’ happy. The good news, for the guys, is this is pretty far from the truth in most cases. Yes, there are some women out there who have high expectations from their partners, (and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing), but not every woman needs their man to constantly be showing them affection through over the top gift giving or by receiving 24/7 ‘baby, I love you texts’.

The little things matter!

I would argue that the little things you do for your significant other, actually outweigh the big things. Why? It comes down to thoughtfulness and consistency. Yes, its great to be treated like a princess and be spoiled, but truth be told, that gets old quickly. Little acts of kindness can go a long way, and if you are stumped about which types of things that special person in your life might be looking for, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Surprise her at work and bring her favorite coffee or treat.

Something so simple can show her that she is being thought of and that you know what she likes.

  1. Send her a “good morning beautiful’ text when you wake up.

This lets her know that she’s on your mind, even though you might be half asleep, and can make a huge difference in how she starts her own day.

  1. Surprise her with a bouquet of flowers, or even a single flower, for no reason.  

You can get them at most grocery stores for less than $10.00, and honestly flowers are a fool-proof way to let her know she’s special and that you are thinking of her and that she deserves them ‘just because’.

  1. Pick her up from the bar.

If she calls you drunk and needs a ride home, don’t tell her to Uber or take a cab…get up and make sure she gets home safe. Even though she may be incoherent and screaming for pizza at the time, when she sobers up in the morning she will be thankful that you care enough to make her safety a priority.

  1. Open doors.

It doesn’t matter if your girl claims to be ‘a strong independent woman’, hold the damn door open for her or at least attempt to. Some women think it’s offensive when men try to open doors for them or pull back chairs, but come on…let the guy be a gentlemen, and accept that he wants to treat you nicely.

  1. If she’s having a bad day, offer to watch her favorite show or movie with her.

If it’s a show like Say Yes To The Dress or The Bachelorette, we know it will be painful and that you’d rather lick a cactus, but it means that much more when you are willing to do something she likes just to make her happy.

  1. Make her feel like a priority.

In the midst of your busy day, you can make her feel like your #1 if you take the time to call her and see how her day is going. If she knows you just busted your ass working an 8 hour day, and yet you want to see how she is at the end of it, it means the world to her.

  1. Compliment her.

If you notice that she bought a new dress, or is wearing a different shade of lipstick than usual, let her know that she is rocking it. It is so important for women (and men) to feel confident in a relationship, and simple comments such as “you look beautiful today”, or “that dress looks great on you” can boost her mood while letting her know that you are perceptive and care about her efforts to look smokin’.

Women are perceptive, and as many would argue, have a tendency to read into things. So fellas, use this to your advantage and start incorporating small gestures into your relationship to let her know that you care. This goes for the ladies too, it is imperative that you make your significant other feel special in any way you can. A little effort can go a long way!

Featured image via Victoria Roman on Unsplash


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