For When Your Mind Wanders To The Darkest Places

A darkened night-time path. Bridges before you to walk past.
Carousels turning slowly to the hum of clinking metals.
Daring you to set yourself free in a wonderland of your dreams.
[Everyone is watching] waiting to see if you’ll run. Fighting with your inner voices,
you envelop yourself in the scene before you. Getting your footing,
you’re now in the center of it all. Hold on tight, as you try to decide if you should walk
further into the darkness or return to the light that secures you.

It’s either the safety of the light showing you your path or the
mystery of the darkness hiding your destination until you’ve arrived.

Knowing you forfeit the safety to turn around, you step forward.
Little by little you see more of what
you’re walking into,
but you can’t even see as far as your hand extends. Minutes pass
and the darkness remains. [No one is around] just you and the fleeting images you’re awarded with each new step. Open your eyes, see where you are.

Possible light won’t show you more than what’s already before you.

Quietly, you beg for the light you bravely walked away from. Releasing the
tension you’ve held within, a scream echoes through the distance. [Solitude.]
Turning in circles you quickly realize the dark chaos you’re trapped
in is a creation of your own mind. Until you resolve what’s flushing your sight,
there is no way out.

Vast spaces are before you; no end exists even with a thousand steps. Waken your senses and search your mind. X marks the spot, your answer awaits you.
You’re not brave enough to know, are you?

Zero answers were earned tonight, leaving you to be plagued for yet another tomorrow night.

Featured Image via rainbow.features.


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