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Why You Should Set Everyday Goals Instead Of New Year’s Resolutions

For most, a new upcoming year symbolizes a new resolution. Whether it pertains to becoming an active member of a new gym, giving up a vice (which somehow always manages to be chocolate) or even saving money, people tend to think that the New Year is always linked to a time to implement positive changes. While I absolutely do not discredit motivation, goals or changes toward a more fulfilling life, do we really need to make it annual?

Can we not strive to make positive changes on a daily basis, smaller and in turn, more meaningful ones?

It is such a good habit to set your intention, each and every day. It does not have to be something immense, but rather a reminder to yourself – how to make the best out of each and every moment. It is a beautiful reinforcement of living each day and each moment positively and with an open, happy heart.

Think about how you want to feel today.

What do you want to experience and what type of mindset do you want to encompass as you move through your day? Maybe it is something as simple as wanting to be kinder today. Maybe you have an interview and you want it to go beautifully. Perhaps you even need to be extra focused to study for a test or finish off an assignment. It doesn’t even have to be something so specific, your intention could be as simple as: Today, I will have an amazing day. Today I will deal with all life throws at me in a loving way.

In setting an intention for your day, you are setting a positive focus on what it is you want to achieve or how it is you want to be. Make it something that will both encourage and inspire you. You are manifesting your own desires and it is such an amazing feeling!

Each morning when you wake up, it is a new day and correspondingly, a fresh start.

While you may have gone to bed aggravated or not feeling your best self the night before, you can absolutely choose a different outlook or experience for yourself as you wake the following morning. Remember, it is up to you to create how your day will unfold!

Before jumping out of bed – try taking a few deep breaths and focusing on those breaths, observing the stillness and how amazing it feels. This sort of mindfulness or meditation allows you to bring awareness into your heart, escaping the chaos of the mind and instead, appreciating the silence and calm. This is the best state in which to set a great intention, because you are not caught up in thought, but rather leave space for allowing and are going with the flow.

When you wake up, the first thoughts of your day are very important. They allow you to begin your day with a certain feeling and influence what you will experience for the rest of the day, so it is crucial we try to make these thoughts positive ones! However, while doing this first thing in the morning is very ideal, sometimes it does not happen this way. We get caught up in the mundane aspects of everyday living, our to-do lists and everything we didn’t do yesterday, and we often forget to make that time and space for ourselves, but it is okay.

Even if you’re already halfway through your day – it is never too late to set your intention! Regardless of what time it may be, or even where you are, choose what you want your day to look like with a clear mind and let the universe handle the rest!

Featured image via Gian Cescon on Unsplash



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