The 10 Most Absurd Reasons Students Dropped A Class

Ahh, the first week of classes, or, as I like to call it, “Get syllabus, drop class” week.

like-its-hotLet’s face it, with each new semester we have all these things we tell ourselves we’ll definitely do – be on time, no skipping, actually doing the readingbut we all know what eventually happens is all of that is forgotten and our old habits are back and stronger than ever. Fortunately, we prepare ourselves for this by crafting the perfect schedule that will allow for minimum effort on our part, but still allow us to graduate. Remember, C’s do get degrees.

I rounded up some of the funniest reasons people have had for dropping a class. Go ahead, take a peek and know you’re not alone.

We were mislead

“I was going to take a class because the professor was supposed to be crazy hot. He wasn’t. Dropped the next day.”


We had other plans

“Monday I went to a class and found out we had homework the next meeting but I already had getting drunk plans so I dropped it.”

“I took peer mentoring in grade 12 but when I found out it was scheduled in a way that would change my lunch period to one with the younger kids instead of the rest of the seniors I dropped it and took physics instead.”

“I wanted to join a sorority and my Monday class clashed with the time of chapter.”

“Dropped it because it was the same night as the bar night for my university.”

Too many “Great Expectations”

“Exams on Fridays were a no go for me.”

“I was thinking about double majoring in sociology and English, so I signed up for an English capstone class my senior year to get started in completing the major. After the first day of the class, I realized it was going to be way too much work, so I not only dropped the class, but I also dropped my plans to major in English in general.”

“10 page paper for a Gen-Ed. Nope. No thanks.”

“Went to a class for math, just to take as an elective, I had the time on my timetable and in no way am I good at math. I went to this class for 4 weeks. We did nothing all class, discussed the world news and in the last 15 minutes we managed to take up homework questions and do a lesson. The class before a major test the teacher goes “get your shit together this is a university level math class!” I THOUGHT IT WAS AN EASY MATH CLASS so I excused myself, walked straight to student services and got the hell out of that mess.”


We didn’t want to show you the money

“Signed up for a class. Went to buy the textbook, it was $200, so I immediately dropped the class.”


See, we’ve all been there! Whether you’ve dropped a class because of the work load interfering with your party schedule or because you were promised a hot prof and weren’t delivered one, you definitely aren’t alone.

Drop some of your own reasons for dropping a class in the comments below!

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