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Part Two: 26 Tinder Pick Up Lines You Won’t Believe Were Actually Used

Breaking the ice can be very hard sometimes. On hookup apps, like Tinder, it’s all about first impressions and when the men are expected to make all the first moves it can get a little stressful for them. Well men, fear no more! I have taken it upon myself to collect some of the best pick-up lines I’ve had the honor of receiving, and now I am passing them on them to you! So if you need a good line, or just a good laugh, here are the best of the best my friends.

1. Doubt I’d find this position in the Kama Sutra

2. I’m assuming this is a compliment?

3. Love me some computer geeks

4. For those that have a sweet tooth

5. I think we all saw this one coming

6. Who needs National Geographic when you have Tinder?

7. We were infinite

8. Pew pew

9. I thought it would be the other way around

10. *swipes left to the line*

11. Math jokes for the win

12. Some shameless self promotion….

13. You can never go wrong with poetry

14. I was actually hoping for a line about wine, but that is alright too

15. Oh yes, rap for me baby

16. Who can resist a good sale?

17. Can anyone else hear the crickets?

18. Okay, this one actually makes me laugh out loud

19. McDreamy would be proud

20. And to think, I actually got out a pen and paper to solve this riddle

21. Clearly you’ve never heard of a waterproof case

22. Care to show me sometime?

23. There was nothing else to this joke incase you were wondering

24. Okay, this one is pretty damn smooth


25. Oh yes, just how I like them

26. I have new-found interest in tennis

All in all, as sleazy as some pickup lines can be they almost never fail to bring a smile to a ladies face. Whether we’re laughing or cringing, the effort is always appreciated fellas. So keep em’ coming, and who knows, maybe a line can turn into something more.

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