Why Life Is So Much More Than Waiting To Die

As fun and entertaining as social media can be, often times it is filled with a lot of negativity. Memes are shared and comments are written…a lot of which makes it seem as if life is not worth putting effort into since we all end up in the same place – dead.

Recently I saw a meme that had someone’s diet above pictures of a grave that said, “No matter what you eat, you still end up here.”

That meme implies that no matter what actions you choose to take in your life, none of them matter since you die in the end anyway. Eat healthy, be fit, active, and happy, or eat fast food, have health problems, and live miserably; none of it matters. In the end, you’re just as dead as the other person.

Using the logic used to make that meme, I got to thinking: If we all end up dead anyway, what’s the point of actually trying? Is life worth the effort?

I, for one, say hell yes.

I get pretty livid when I see ignorant posts like those. If we lived our lives thinking, “Who cares, this all ends in death anyway,” then who the hell would ever do anything worthwhile with their life? Yes, in the end, we all die, but I’m not going to let an inevitable destination keep me from enjoying the journey.

If everyday you wake up in a bad mood, drag yourself to work, go through the motions on autopilot until you get home, have a quick dinner, zone into the television, go to sleep, then repeat, the “we all end up dead anyway” mentality probably makes sense to you.

If, however, you wake up positive, have a career that fulfills you, enjoy the world around you and take care of yourself mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically, then you’re probably on the same page as me.

Thinking “Why bother if I’ll die one day?” is a horrible, dangerous mentality. It keeps people from reaching their full potential and experiencing the many pleasures life has to offer.

Yes, eating healthy or eating processed chemicals has the same end result. However, that end result can be prolonged by eating healthy while the chemicals will send you to an early grave.

Yes, travel everywhere or never leave your house, you will still have the same result. But, keep in mind that being huddled up in the same space day after day causes insanity, while going on periodic adventures raises endorphins.

Yes, no matter what decision you make, whether you go left or right, join the Army or become a model, become a vegan or eat all the cheeseburgers, you will end up dead. But just because you end up dead eventually doesn’t mean you need to let yourself practice dying all your life.

That is the difference between our inevitable ends.

Some of us die having been dead our entire lives already, while some of us die having lived every damn day we were fortunate enough to have. Life is worth every bit of the effort you put into it because even though we all end up in the same place, walking has always been more scenic than driving.

Just because you know the adventure will come to an end doesn’t mean you have to prepare yourself for it. Live like that day will never come and you’ll eventually forget about it.

I’ll put it this way: We all know even if we eat dinner we’ll still be hungry again later. So, why eat now if we know we’ll end up hungry anyway? Sound silly? Of course it does. Just as silly as not living now because we know we won’t be later.

Take care of yourself, spend time with your loved ones, explore nature, and don’t listen to people who tell you your effort is pointless because life is for damn sure worth the effort.

Featured image via JD Collings


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