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30 Harry Potter Moments That Will Always Have A Place In Your Heart

As we come up on Harry Potter’s birthday (July 31st in case you forgot) it is important to remember why we still love Harry Potter so much. “After all this time?” you may ask. Always. (Pun intended.)

Yes, we may own all of the books and reread them once a year. Yes, we may own all the DVDs and watch them occasionally on a rainy day. Yes, we may YouTube clips of the movie just to get a chuckle that will get us through the day, but nothing is quite as magical as an unexpected Harry Potter movie marathon that is on all weekend long, no matter what time of the day you turn it on!

Here is why Harry Potter movie marathons will be forever magical & why we must watch them every time they are on:

  1. We forever look back at the Sorcerer’s Stone and think, “THEY LOOK SO YOUNG!” Even though, we were the same age when it came out
  2. We just want to have magical powers SO BAD.
  3. Because we just want to go to school at Hogwarts & aren’t over the fact that it isn’t real.
  4. To hear inspirational words from the insightful Dumbledore.
  5. To watch Hermione show up the boys – every single time.
  6. To watch Neville Longbottom make us melt when he is trying to be a tough guy.
  7. To watch Ronald Weasley stuff his face over and over.
  8. So we can just hate on the whole Malfoy family.
  9. Because we have all wanted an owl at some point and now we have to live vicariously through Harry & Hedwig.
  10. To give Dobby as much love as he deserves!
  11. To imagine what it is like to have butter beer and all the sweet treats that they had.
  12. Or wish you had a “squad” as cool as Harry’s.
  13. To watch karma at it’s finest when Hermione Granger finally gives Draco Malfoy what he deserves.
  14. To watch the big old Hagrid slip up every time to his good friend Harry.
  15. To remember that brief moment in time when Edward Cullen was a wizard before he went and became a vampire.
  16. To see the twins up to no good.
  17. In a weird way, we enjoy the way Snape torments everyone.
  18. So we can feel like we are comforting Harry every time he loses someone close.
  19. Because we all want to be like Luna Lovegood.
  20. Because it is epic to see Harry tipsy on the Felix Felicis in Half Blood Prince.
  21. To watch the romance unfold finally with Ginny & Harry.
  22. Because you have so much anger and you want to take it out on the worst woman in the world, Umbridge.
  23. Because every movie got progressively more serious & more funny at the same time.
  24. So we can ugly cry when we realize Snape was good all along.
  25. To see McGonagall being her normal badass self.
  26. To chuckle every time Ron gets scared of spiders, Snape or anything else in his way.
  27. To watch Neville finally become the badass he was always meant to be.
  28. When Molly Weasley finally gives Bellatrix the karma she deserves!
  29. FINALLY!
  30. To watch Harry wipe that ugly grin off of Lord Voldemort’s face once and for all. 

There are still SO many more reasons why we watch Harry Potter marathons the way we do, but now is the time to go enjoy one! Celebrate Harry’s birthday the best way possible – Grab a butter beer, your Hedwig stuffed animal and have a magical time!

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