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This One Workout Will Actually Make You Excited To Get In Shape

With so many different types of workouts, it can get very intimidating when you’re new to the workout lifestyle. Styles can range from high intensity (such as kickboxing), cardio focused (like cycling or running), or even strength and control focused training (such as yoga). As someone who has tried their fair share of these different styles, I can say with full confidence that I think I’ve finally found the best workout style. It is a workout that not only focuses on strength and control, but also weight loss and toning. With an infusion of both yoga and pilates, Blogilates has quickly changed my life for the healthier, and I hope that after reading this article you hop on this exciting lifestyle with me!

1. Fun Workouts

Cassey Ho (the creator of Blogilates) uploads weekly videos to Youtube where you can follow along her instructed workouts while listening to fun upbeat music. While her routines don’t look like much work (as with most pilates videos), you definitely do start to feel the burn after a couple of repetitions. As she’s said in a couple of her videos, her routines are like “dancing on the mat.”

2. It’s Cheap

Blogilates offers many benefits, but the biggest for me is that it’s cheap! I have never been the kind of person who has been able to spend large amounts of money on gym memberships or subscriptions. So when I found out that all I needed for blogilates was access to YouTube and a spacious room, I was already halfway sold.

3. It Works!

If you don’t believe that an hour a day of these routines can give you results, I dare you to check out #blogilates on Instagram to see what I’m talking about! But, this is where the whole “workout lifestyle” comes into play. With any workout style, only part of the work is done by movement, while the other part is done in the kitchen.

4. But Don’t Fret

In checking out the Blogilates website, you will gain access to easy to make, yummy recipes, that will not only leave you feeling full, but also feeling energized after your routines. Also, when you subscribe to her website, you gain access to her monthly workout calendars and routines.

5. There’s a kick-ass music video for her workout line

Just check it out yourself.

6. Easy to Start

What can be intimidating about many workout styles is that even the beginner classes can sometimes be too hard to start with, but with Blogilates, her introductory routines are a perfect place to start. Once you learn the basics, it becomes easy to build on old movements to make them more intermediate.

7. Set Daily Routines

The final thing that I really love about this style is that Cassey even offers monthly calendars that have set daily workout routines already designated! This is an amazing tool to keep you consistent and on track and there’s even a calendar for beginners in their first month.

All in all, Blogilates was the first step I took in changing my life, and oh boy, I’m so happy that I did. Through this outlet, I’ve managed to flip my life, change my eating habits for the better, learn to love the body I have, and gain an amazing support system. Cassey Ho and her Popsters are a national community filled with energetic and encouraging individuals like yourself.

Featured image via Edit Sztazics on Unsplash



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