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27 Tinder Pick Up Lines You Won’t Believe Were Actually Used

We’ve all heard those crazy (and sometimes disturbing) pick up lines that men have pulled. I have never been much of a Tinderella myself, but after a drunken night out I decided give this crazy app a try. I challenged the men of Tinder to give it their all, and send me their best pick up lines. This, ladies and gentleman, is the plethora of hilarious one liners I have received; and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

1. I’d rather be a Maserati, but a Caravan’s alright too I suppose…

2. Getting a strong feeling I should be calling the police. What the hell does that even mean?!

3. I think he’s looking for Tidal, not Tinder. Easy there DJ Douchebag.

4. I like my babies whole, not in halves.

5. Well not everyone can be George Washington – thank God for that.

6. We’re not in middle school any more. #cooties

7. Will Smith coming in clutch.

8. Just keep em’ coming.

9. Well I’d really hate to have paramedics accompany us on our first date.

10. I may even let you take me out with a smooth line like this.

11. At least he’s keeping up on his world issues…

12. This is just too damn smooth.

13. Appeasing to my inner psychology major. #PavlovForLife

14. Well that’s why I go into bars too.

15. Will you be the Ryan Gosling to my Rachel McAdams. Committed.

16. I still don’t understand where he was trying to go with this…

17. JK Rowling would be proud.

18. Just going to leave this here.

19. Well I hope there wasn’t too much damage done.

20. By far my favorite.

21. Too soon man, too soon.

22. I’ve always been told I make for a good trophy.

23. Bruce Wayne can come to my bar any day. #Salty

24. Fairy tales are a sure way to a woman’s heart.

25. My dad is actually an engineer thank you very much. #Peeta

26. Making a #brEXIT from this conversation

27. And of course, ending with a classic.

But really, who doesn’t love a good line? Apps like tinder can always be fun if you don’t take them too seriously. It’s a great way to connect and have conversations with new people you wouldn’t normally (and may not ever) meet. So, if you’re having a hard time breaking the ice with that special someone you matched with, try using one of these. Hopefully you can make them laugh just as much as I did.

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  1. LOOL oh my gosh it’s too much. You seriously get the funniest guys:)! So funny! Adnan and Anthony are my wins.


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